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  1. Do it before he changes his mind..Doesn't matter who you drop..Drop the one that doesn't fit your roster
  2. Who would you rather have..Nola or Hoskins & Clevinger ? H2H
  3. I know they are close BUT who would you take..H2H.. ? Thanks
  4. My League just switched to it this year because there are so many teams not naming closers..Plus stops keeping the 25th best closer to get a save or 2 a month and killing your ERA,Whip etc...Its always been a scramble for closers you have a top closer that gets traded at the deadline as a setup and he is now worthless...We will see how it works out this season for us... Top setup guys are Hader,Britton,Bettances,Familia,Ottivino,Green ( basically whole Yankee Pen)
  5. Its ESPN and I forget if its an hour or 90 min.. Thanks
  6. Gleyber..Large upside for a long time
  7. I like Albies..I think he has a bigger upside...
  8. I have Stanton, Bryant & Baez ..So my 4th pick might be Rizzo or Marte or what about Correa as the 4th pick
  9. Who would you pick between the 2 ? H2H...
  10. H2H League Rizzo Rendon Correa Gleyber I should be able to get 2 of them..Thanks