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  1. Roark vs WASHINGTON or Gibson vs TB ? 5 cats W,SV,Ks,ERA,WHIP
  2. Pete Alonzo & Senzel for Correa..Who would you rather have?..Forget needs..H2H..redraft each year
  3. All close but I would lean to Dahl only because for a bench player,I prefer a Western OF...You only play bench guy when someone else isn't plus it givest you 4 or 5 slots to fill in if a starter isn't playing...
  4. I would trade Castillo or Nola even up for Springer
  5. A) Alonzo & C. Seager ..or B : Segura & DeSclafani ? Thanks
  6. Semien,K Marte,Muncy or Beckham ? I have to drop 1 to add Segura..... Thanks
  7. Blackmon & Molina for Springer & Alfano ... H2H 5X5 Cats
  8. Happ,Cruz & Quintana for Nola & Ohtani... H2H 5x5 Cats
  9. Yes thats why I'm trying to trade him for either Myers ,straight up or with Schwarber for Gordon..The extra slot would be used for streaming...
  10. Dee Gordon or Schwarber & Kikuchi ? H2H 5x5
  11. Do it before he changes his mind..Doesn't matter who you drop..Drop the one that doesn't fit your roster
  12. Who would you rather have..Nola or Hoskins & Clevinger ? H2H
  13. I know they are close BUT who would you take..H2H.. ? Thanks
  14. I'd Drop Thor or Bientendi
  15. My League just switched to it this year because there are so many teams not naming closers..Plus stops keeping the 25th best closer to get a save or 2 a month and killing your ERA,Whip etc...Its always been a scramble for closers you have a top closer that gets traded at the deadline as a setup and he is now worthless...We will see how it works out this season for us... Top setup guys are Hader,Britton,Bettances,Familia,Ottivino,Green ( basically whole Yankee Pen)
  16. Its ESPN and I forget if its an hour or 90 min.. Thanks
  17. Gleyber..Large upside for a long time
  18. I like Albies..I think he has a bigger upside...