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  1. Hey, thanks for the offer! Unfortunately, I am a couple thousand miles away from NYC so that's a no-go for me. Best of luck this upcoming season! Edit: According to Google, I'm 1,990 miles away.
  2. Any awesome leagues out there? Still lookin'!
  3. I've been involved in fantasy baseball for many yars and am looking for a new league. I'm looking for what I consider to be a "standard" auction league for the upcoming season. Startup leagues ok and I'd also consider taking over an existing team. Not interested in dynasty, but rather 5-10 or 12 keepers or so, contracts, that type of stuff. Also would do a redraft auction potentially. Prefer: - $50-150 buy-in - Weekly transactions - Roto 5x5 with standard categories (or small deviation therefrom) - Major and minor league rosters - I love doing prospect drafts and leagues where prospects have value - FAAB - Active and competitive - 12-16 teams - Mixed or NL only - Prefer CBS but would be open to other platforms If this sounds like your league and you have an opening, let me know! Thanks!