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  1. Looks interesting. Please send more info. markash88@hotmail.com thanks!
  2. May be interested. Please send info. markash88@hotmail.com Thanks!
  3. May be interested, but not able to view rosters. Is this points or categories?
  4. Markash88@hotmail.com. How many teams in league? Scoring? Etc.
  5. Could I take a look at the roster? Markash88@hotmail.com Thanks!
  6. May be interested. Can you send me league setup? What is the buy in? Markash88@hotmail.com. Thanks!
  7. If you still have opening, please send info to markash88@hotmail.com
  8. Please send me more information. Thanks! markash88@hotmail.com
  9. Please send more info. if you still have opening. markash88@hotmail.com
  10. Definitely interested in learning more, but can’t view league setup. Can you make it public so I can view it? markash88@hotmail.com
  11. Please send more info if still looking. markash88@hotmail.com thanks!