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  1. adames probably up for good this time if he hits well
  2. Anybody know how his start went today?
  3. In what order would u guys rank the players just added to ESPN value wise for dynasties? I see bichette and Whitley have been added
  4. with Santana getting called up and meade hurt do you think he make sa couple of starts?
  5. Worth a flier in deep leagues so im not going to miss out just in case.. who knows
  6. So hes starting today against a righty?
  7. just grabbed ghostface since he plays a bunch and a couple times on light days plus embiid and saric out
  8. I don't think they have any back to backs for a while so maybe he wont sit.. that's what im hoping for anyway
  9. hoping his return even if its limited will bring me a title. what are you guys thinking he will be playing 20-25 mins
  10. im sorry I should have said for deeper leagues.. Yes Saturday he was in foul trouble and im expecting nice nums this week
  11. will be tough for him to benefit from a trade where the guy being moved wasn't playing anyway.. now since he can play the 4 he might scoop some of porz mins
  12. Yes the center that actually won a few people championships last season
  13. I stashed him in IR last week before the 'rumblings' start coming out about a return date
  14. So what is everybody's thoughts on this guy cuz he definitely is shaving off a few minutes from Speights & biyombo but vuc will be back. Where does leave birch? Completeyl out of the rotation? Will he have any value? Or at least a dynasty stash?
  15. i thought maybe he was out today or something lol.. same as the next person that looks I would guess
  16. cuz the results of the mri are literally JUST being released?
  17. Oh i gotcha.. yeah i guess that would makes sense then..
  18. I could have sworn that joker did that not too long ago.. guess i was wrong.. must have been close tho
  19. So who do you like in the third round over vuc? Cuz of its 2 keepers you start in the third round