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  1. Agreed. I can't bring myself to pull the trigger on playing him today. We'll know a lot more about what we're getting with Snell this season after these first two games against Boston.
  2. Without knowing the name of the player or your league format, sounds like a worthwhile drop.
  3. The real question is: Who would you be dropping to pick him up?
  4. I avoid low end closers completely. No Brad Zigler's, that's for sure. I tend to draft one solid real life closer in the 150 overall range then 2 end-game MRs. This season, I'm targeting high K guys like Kela, Hader, and Minter. Keep in mind that you'll likely be cycling through 1 or 2 of those spots throughout the season as other guys emerge that are seeing more hold opportunities.
  5. Correct, and that seems to be the narrative for most fantasy analysis that's in favor of Bregman. On the other hand, if he gives you 2 halves like the 1st half of last year, you'll be very disappointed. I'd be more inclined to pull the trigger if his ADP was a couple rounds later to account for the risk. Prorating partial seasons is always a risky gamble. Remember how inflated Trevor Story's ADP got last season?
  6. I'm with you. That draft spot is too high. ESPN projects .284 avg, with 21 hr, and 14 SB and ranked 44 overall. Pretty mediocre that early in the draft. ESPN has Travis Shaw outside the top 100 with .269 / 30 / 11.
  7. You've essentially made my point with the first half of your quote. "I definitely don't feel comfortable at all..." Everything after that is him saying what professional athletes are supposed to say about being team players, doing what's best for the team, etc, etc. Here's a new quote from today: Ryan Braun says he's not "remotely comfortable" yet at first base. Fantasy assessment from Braun agreed to try the position after Milwaukee acquired outfielders Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich in January. If he can get comfortable at first base, Braun would split time between there and the outfield. If a player openly says they don't feel comfortable at a position mere weeks away from opening day, that's a pretty big red flag that the team staff will heavily consider. Especially if he looks like garbage out there.
  8. I'm rockin Every Kris Begins with K this season. Cuz, you know, Kris Bryant's name starts with K and he strikes out.
  9. Roster Resource has him penciled in as the everyday LF batting 5th. If he can manage to get 2B eligibility, I think he's a solid late round target.
  10. I see Nola and Quintana going pretty closely together in most drafts. You guys going Nola every time or is it a coin flip?
  11. All those seasons of predicting the demise of Old Man Cruz are finally coming true! Too bad this didn't happen after draft season.
  12. I was pretty excited to draft this guy a couple months ago (30 bombs, .371 OBP last season) but have completely crossed him off my list for 2018 after these playing time issues cropped up. If the Brewers truly believed in him, they wouldn't have felt the need to bring in two new outfielders. If you're in a daily league, you'll be able to swap him in and out along with the Brewers but in weekly leagues, he's too risky for my tastes. Outside of Yelich and Cain, it's best to avoid the rest of the OF and 1B options like Santana, Braun, Thames, Broxton, etc. I've seen him listed as batting 5th, by the way. But that's in the same lineup with Cain, Yelich, and Braun. If Braun doesn't want to play first....then what?
  13. I'm also in the fade-Sano camp. I just don't think he's worth the risk in the top 100. ESPN has his ADP at 79. I'd rather take Moose or even Shaw a couple rounds later. If he was ranked in the Jake Lamb range (143), it would be a different story.
  14. I'm moderately interested but 10pm on a Monday night is brutal for an auction league. It won't be done until 1am!
  15. If you really want him? Around 175. If he's a "nice to have"? Shortly after 200.
  16. Draft date? What waiver system do you use? Why not just post a link to the league so people don't have to message you?
  17. Ouch, that team is rough. Not a single surefire top 50 player (maybe Kimbrel if you're into keeping closers). $100 is too rich for my blood for a team that won't compete this season.
  18. According to Roster Resource, Myers is 3 and Hosmer is 4. Seems likely to me. Even with Hosmer in town, that lineup is pretty weak.
  19. has him batting 5th as well. Behind Choo, Andrus, Mazara, and Beltre so there is room to move up if injury (Choo, Beltre) or ineffectiveness (Mazara) set in.
  20. The hype is strong with this one. Fantrax ADP: 65 NFBC ADP: 66 Yahoo ADP: 67 Fortunately ESPN has him ranked at 90 for roto, although they've been known to bump guys up when the see they're low compared to the rest of the industry.