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  1. I'd stay put.
  2. ****balls. This is the "completed" trade thread! Sorry lol
  3. A guy in my league is talking this offer his: Betts/Kipnis/Rendon my: Correa/Turner/CarGo im thinking he's asking way too much
  4. Was offered this today via text: his Blackmon/Braun for my Yelich/Swanson/Grienke Thoughts?
  5. Bedrosian. Neris doesn't have the job yet.
  6. I didn't see Sanchez and Villar's names the first time I read that list tbh. They're probably on the cusp.
  7. Sure, ask for them. All he can do is reject it. If he rejects, try another deal.
  8. Lots of talent there. My point is you won't win a league off of the wire.
  9. No. All good but none of them are elite. Maybe Villar. Not one of those guys is the best at their position.
  10. I drafted him in round 5 this past weekend.
  11. I'd keep Rizzo, Stanton, Marte and Bogaerts. Hope you can get MadBum at 3. Scherzers finger has me a little concerned.
  12. Good trade. As long as you have a couple of other options at RP, I like it.
  13. There's always guys on the wire in 12 team leagues but they're just filling a hole. It's rare that you'll lose a player to injury and pick up someone that covers the missing stats.