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  1. Last minute flex help?

    McCaffrey and Diggs
  2. Late roster help

    Thx. Anyone else?
  3. Late roster help

    K, start James White or Alex Collins in my flex? .5 ppr
  4. Quick help with two! WHIR

    Watkins and Hyde
  5. Alex Collins 2017 Season Outlook

    I have him but don't know if I can start him. He's supposedly getting work today.
  6. Trading Zeke... Am I crazy?

    If I'm offered Mike Evans & Lamar Miller for my Zeke I would seriously consider it.
  7. Adrian Peterson

    I just can't bring myself to drop him either.
  8. Start Cam or Jameis? - WHIR

    Keep those replies coming.
  9. Trade Vetoed... What should i do?

    I would move on. Hunt will be a star. Stay put.
  10. Start Cam or Jameis? - WHIR

  11. Trade Vetoed... What should i do?

    That's ridiculous. You could swap out Gillisee for someone else if you really want Bell. Truth be told, if Bell got traded for Hunt straight up I wouldn't be questioning it.
  12. Diggs or Abdullah? WHIR

  13. Who to start at RB? McCoy vs Den?? WHIR

    McCoy & Allen.