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  1. I'd roll Newcomb out there.
  2. C'mon guys, really want some help here!!
  3. If I do make the deal, yes.
  4. Hard to move him for a worthwhile return at the minute.
  5. Yep, take it. Mine?
  6. It's fine to do but I prefer Rizzo out of the four involved. Help with mine?
  7. Thx for the reply. Any other opinions?
  8. Sounds like Dallas is out another 3 weeks (or more). Could get Jensen for him. My current pitching: deGrom Grienke Darvish C. Martinez Pineda Guerra Taillon Knuebel, Wilson and Rodney at closer. WHIR
  9. I'd rather have Max
  10. I'm quite happy to be playing against this version of Kershaw.
  11. That's awful.
  12. Betances
  13. Drop him
  14. Is it a keeper league?
  15. I would trade Hamilton for Carlos Martinez all day!