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  1. Hopefully it's not a serious injury. He's a lot of fun to watch.
  2. Might as well. Neris is flawed but he's the guy.
  3. Give me MadBum
  4. Flipped my Darvish and Rizzo for Arenado. 12 team league and can only keep 3. Already have MadBum and Kershaw for keepers. I'm out of it for this year so I figured I'd make the move to get a premier bat.
  5. 12 team keeper league. Traded my Felix Hernandez, Kenley Jenson and Mark Trumbo for Julio Teheran, Anthony Rizzo and Anthony Swarsak. Have enough closers to afford the loss of Jenson.
  6. Jones has been playing very well lately. I'd swap for him.
  7. Difficult to speculate on Howard's impact as a rookie. Evans, DeSean and Brate will all get theirs. Maybe he makes his mark in the redzone early on? I'd be surprised if he caught more than 55 balls or scored more than 6 TD's.
  8. You'd have to be in a very deep league to consider drafting Mitchell. James White will likely end the season with more receptions.
  9. He has a roster spot, yes. Behind Gronk, Edelman, Cooks and Hogan for looks I'd imagine. Him and Amendola will battle it out for WR4 duties.
  10. I have fantasy baseball cancer. I trade for a guy and boom, injured.
  11. DL stint is coming, folks.
  12. Redraft, gotcha. All good.
  13. Think I'd rather have Judge!
  14. I would
  15. Why?