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  1. Sounds like deGrom isn’t seriously injured. Chill and hang tight.
  2. I really wish this kid would get bumped up in the order!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Don’t like bats on the bench. Never carry them and have won multiple championships. I’d rather roster additional pitchers or leave a roster spot available for a speculative prospect add.
  4. I never carry bench bats but I am this season with him. Love the positional eligibility.
  5. Rotoworld says he could be back at the end of this week! Wooooooo
  6. I wouldn’t move Trout for those two. Ever. Never ever.
  7. I wouldn't make that trade. If you can get Snell and a solid OF then maybe.
  8. I like that lineup in Philly now. Leaning Hopkins.
  9. I think it's a fair offer. Just comes down to whether you'll eat the loss of production while you bank on Darvish finding his form.