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  1. Pick 6 Keepers?

    Tough one. Pham I guess but what if he improves on last year?
  2. Rate my club - WHIR

    Yeah, saves and stolen bases might be a struggle. There's a couple teams punting saves so hopefully my poor save weeks are versus them!
  3. Chris Archer for Dee Gordon? WHIR

    Yeah. I would take that tbh.
  4. Jose Ramirez, and a SP for Charlie Blackmon? WHIR

    I think I'd stay with Ramirez and the pitcher. Help with mine?
  5. Keeper help....whir

    Can you post your team for us to view? Help with mine?
  6. Rate my club - WHIR

    Any other opinions?
  7. Chris Taylor in round 1?
  8. Rank these SP **WHIR**

    JV, Yu then Grienke.
  9. Rate my club - WHIR

    Thanks. Gattis is looking to DH a lot so I hope he'll work out. I'm expecting some regression from Zimmerman but I think he can still be solid. 2B went fast, Lamahieu was the best remaining option at the point of the draft. I'm banking on Seager having some good RBI chances with Gordon, Segura, Cruz and Cano ahead of him.
  10. Auction Tomorrow. Strategy?

    Buy a couple stud bats and pitchers and then look for value players.
  11. Keeper Help......WHIR

    I'm with ya on that one. Thoughts on mine?
  12. Rate my club - WHIR

    Yeah, I feel the same way. Thanks for replying.
  13. Rate my club - WHIR

    Yeah? I'm kind of concerned there's not enough speed.