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  1. Correa side. MadBum could be out until ASG and who knows after that how effective he is.
  2. Did this trade go through?
  3. Agreed.
  4. Liriano or Pineda. Liriano has a better matchup imo.
  5. That's a terrible trade. The two owners should be shown the door.
  6. Strasburg
  7. It's April and you're ready to mail it in? If you lost MadBum you can't really afford to lose Sale imo.
  8. I'm with ya.
  9. Yeah, take that for sure. Urias will be a dominant player by 2019. Perhaps sooner.
  10. Gallo facing a lefty, Hector Santiago. bellinger facing Cueto
  11. I think Strasburg for Yelich straight up is fair. Just depends on if the Yelich owner wants an ace and has depth in the OF.
  12. Bellinger is an unknown at this point. He could be up for a week, a month or the whole year. He was 1-3 with a walk today so that's decent but if you're short on RP and have a good offense, maybe pass on it.
  13. I'd rather have Turner than any other player in the trade.
  14. Just loving this performance tonight. Justified.
  15. His power seems legit and he's expected to get opportunities in LA. Not sure what you're comfortable with spending on him...Moncada available?