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  1. i want to believe that he'll average over 15 ppg/10 rebounds but something tells me he's gonna average 12 pts/8 rebounds with a stock here and there. he's a per minute monster but he's never been an elite fantasy option and JJJ is going to need touches too
  2. Grabbed him asap, this is what i've been waiting for He can put up numbers as long as he's healthy
  3. i don't think it's the benching, i think it's cause his natural game is the mid-range game which Budenholzer basically took away by telling him to shoot more 3's. taking away his mid-range game along with brogdon taking shots has really hampered his output
  4. just speculation here but i'm thinking with Barea out for the rest of the season, they'll slot Burke right into Barea's role. They're similar types of players with Burke being more of an iso player but they're similar size, can hit the jumper, drive, run PnR. id pick him up as a last man on your bench kind of guy
  5. People also said he's pretty slow but I've never watched him play. Will JJJ cut into JV's minutes or can they share the floor?
  6. Yeah I agree. Dropped Knox like two weeks ago and never looked back. Horrible fg% and does nothing but chuck up shots. Another horrible pick by the Knicks
  7. He can shoot and got some athleticism too... Problem is like Boogie said, hes in the coach's doghouse and even when he was starting with harkless out, hes a low usage guy
  8. Dont u guys remember his humble beginnings as a bench warmer? Then he worked his way into the starting lineup after players went down Aint no one gonna take away his minutes, the man will earn em back
  9. the third holiday brother is also worth a look, he was putting up numbers last time oladipo was out AND coach said he wants to get him more minutes...the perfect storm...
  10. i believe he is single handedly winning the blocks cat for me as i have only towns and richaun, randle, gibson as my other centers
  11. Loving these BBB...... Bargain Bin Bigs Take notes Lavar
  12. Where do u realistically see TT going tho lol
  13. ive watched highlights of zubac and zizic zubac is the more mobile,faster and plays with energy but he's less skilled, doesn't really have any moves in the post other than spins and turnarounds zizic is way slower and looks like he's not interested in playing ball but he's got nice touch around the rim, was finishing with smooth and quick hooks. both are pretty strong but hasnt shown they can shoot a jumper or anything. i'm thinking if a team has a big thats strong and has average speed, they can use them to beat small ball lineups and that might explain why these big slavs are putting up nice numbers