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  1. The is 3 days away, just 1 owner needed
  2. Team 2 is taken. Only the discounted team 1 is left.
  3. The 2nd orphan team has a really good looking 10 keepers and was a contender last season.
  4. We are looking for 2 new owners for 2 orphaned teams. Both teams have Star players and a great nucleus of Keeper quality guys. Orphan 1 is available at a discount, 1/2 price, or can choose extra draft picks, only because the previous owner traded away it's 1st few draft picks last season. The roster is good including Mookie Betts. We have had a different Champion in every yr so far and 6 teams make the Playoffs. We also encourage owners to voice any idea's for changes or improvements for the league and will vote on any new idea's that receive interest. 97.9% of the entry fee's go back into the winnings. Our Draft is Mar 11th and is a Slow Draft with a 6 hour timer for everyone's pick. The draft will last about 10-14 days which gives a lot of opportunity for guys to chat it up in the Draft Room. We keep up to 10 MLB and 8 Minor League players. Here's the links to the 2 rosters:Team 1- Team 2- If interested contact Steve at, thanks.
  5. Our draft takes place Mar 11th and is a "Slow Draft" where every team has up to 6 hours to make their pick.
  6. Our Redraft takes place Mar 13th at 11am est. It's a "Slow Draft" where each team has up to 4 hours to make their pick.
  7. This team just came available and we will be running our Redraft almost right away.
  8. Orphan 1 is the team available at either a discount or extra draft picks. And has Betts on it.
  9. Orphan 1 is the team available at either a discount or extra draft picks.
  10. We have one Orphan team available at half price for the 1st season. We are a 16 team Dynasty league that has been going for a few years now and have had a different Champ every season. The top 8 teams make the playoffs and last year from 8th-12th were only a couple wins apart so its a very close and competitive league. The 8th place team actually won the Playoffs. We use a points system and play h2h weekly match ups. If anyone is interested or have any questions please email Steve at Here is a link to our rules page and also a link to the team available. Thanks. Rules: Orphan 1:
  11. If interested please email Steve at We are looking for a couple new dedicated owners who are interested in staying in a good league for years. This league has been going for 6 seasons now and we've had a different Champion every season so far. It's a 12 team league with 6 making the Playoffs. Here's the rules and the 2 rosters available. Orphan could be either available at a discount for the 1st season or additional draft picks after the 1st 2 rounds. It's $100 Keeper h2h that uses 10 Roto Categories to score the week. So for instance if you win 6 out of the 10 categories for the week then the final score would be 6-4 and you would receive a win for the match up in the standings. We can keep up to 10 mlb and 8 minor league players before the redraft every season. Rules: Orphan 1: Team Betts: Orphan 2: Team Bum: