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  1. Very Reliable, very experienced Owner, Been playing on mostly espn for 20+ Years.Run Leagues for years, but decided to just be a member.Points preferably, but Cats is ok also.You can PM me or email me.60heat@gmail.comThanks.
  2. 60heat@gmail.com I'm Interested. Thanks.
  3. I have been running leagues for years and years, Its time to just be a owner. Played in H2H Points leagues mostly. Also I haven't played in Cats, or Roto leagues for years, so I am willing to give those a try. So Looking for: Leagues must be Startup leagues 2017 10 to 16 teams Keeper, Dynasty, or Redraft Leagues. Free H2H points (With few minors.) Free H2H Cats (Minors is ok but not mandatory) Free Roto (Minors is ok but not mandatory) I am a owner that don't have a lot of patience with most things, but very dependable once a league shows they are active and owners are legit. Anyway if anyone has such spots open. 60heat@gmail.com Thanks!!!