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  1. Gonna be a well ran league, and have some very active owners already in.
  2. INTERESTED if slow draft. 60heat@gmail.com
  3. 30 Team Dynasty League Startup

    I sent okie a email a couple days ago, never heard back. still interested
  4. 30 Team Dynasty League Startup

    Interested 60heat@gmail.com
  5. Thanks for all the interest but the league is full, I would like to keep all you guys in mind if a owner or 2 don’t work out, I have already replaced a couple owners already because of not picking in time. thanks
  6. Invite sent Just a heads up all you guys that wanted a invite, need to join asap, I won't wait long after sending invites, I have several guys waiting. Thanks
  7. Still need owners I have 14 need 10 more owners. Mlb slow draft starts after we fill thanks
  8. I have 11 or 12 owners need about 12 more owners Slow MLB draft will start after we are full
  9. 30 man mlb roster with 20 Minors also. Slow draft Free Dynasty league On Fantrax PG 13 language league Leave email address or pm me with email if interested in joining.
  10. Still looking for more owners, I have close to 10 interested need more. i have the league created on. Fantrax, I will start sending out invite probably tomorrow morning. thanks to all for messages and emails.