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  1. Should I drop Luck for... 100% WHIR

    Maybe try to trade Luck if you really want to get rid of him and then pick up Rivers.
  2. Keep D.Henry or trade bait??? WHIR

    I might do the Stafford/henry trade depending on the other qbs on the wire. Not a huge fan of Dalton but I would say Collins is an upgrade.
  3. Carson or Thompson as Flex WHIR

    It seems Seattle is sticking with Carson at least initially. Go with him.
  4. I would say take the trade. Cook is a more solid option than playing the guessing game with Bell, plus Gronk>Graham (when healthy).
  5. How should we value Conner in a Keeper/Dynasty league? In my situation its a keep 6 PPR and Point-per-rush league. Knowing that Bell is likely out of Pitt after this year, is it worth hanging on to Conner no matter when Bell shows up this year, or try to trade him for a higher ranked RB? He should be the lead back in 2019 right?
  6. Keep Two - Point Per RUSH

    Yes PPR and point-per-rush scoring.
  7. 12 team yahoo with point-per-reception and point-per-rush. We keep 6 and I have two spots left for Mariota, Cohen and Marvin Jones Jr. Would it be wise to drop Mariota and hope he falls in the draft? Other Qbs that would be available in the draft include Dak, Mahomes, and Stafford. Thoughts?
  8. Guice In Keeper Draft

    Made a typo above - is keep 6, not 8. We do get 3 IR spots so I would have two left for in season. I have mccaffrey, Cohen and maybe Hyde as other RBs to keep so I could use my 1st pick on another RB
  9. Guice In Keeper Draft

    League has not drafted but is a Point Per Rush and Point Per Reception 12 team league that keeps 8. With Guice out for the year would it still be wise to use a higher pick on him and keep for next year? I have the 6th pick in the first round, two 2nd rounders and my third rounder. Should I use my extra 2nd rounder to draft him? I think he would be a stud in 2019/2020 and could stash on my IR all year. Thoughts?
  10. I think I would do it. Your hitting is strong and you have two SS replacements. Sale will be back shortly.
  11. Dynasty Marte for Ozuna?

    18 keeper dynasty I was offered the following: Give: Ozuna + Ryu Get: Marte, Donaldson, B Zimmer, Ottavino Do you think Donaldson returns to at least 75% of his peak? I somehow was able to get Ozuna off the free agent wire.
  12. Sent you a message. Would be interested in taking the open team.
  13. Kluber-Machado Trade

    Yeah I'm a little hesitant to give up Gleyber so I might try to exclude him at first and bring him in later if needed .
  14. Kluber-Machado Trade

    Thanks for the reply. He’s been pretty high on Berrios in the past but he’s desperate for pitching so we’ll see how he reacts.