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  1. Gurley/JuJu for Gordon and Odell(PPR)(WHIR)

    When you put it that way then I would do it if Gurley wouldn't be a factor in the playoffs. This would also almost guarentee you a win with gurley on bye. Is this an active offer? I'm not sure the other owner would accept if they need to win this week.
  2. I prefer Cohen to Howard right now but they are similar.
  3. Gurley/JuJu for Gordon and Odell(PPR)(WHIR)

    That is close but it does help you against Gurley sitting in the last week or two if the Rams lock up a playoff seed. I personally would stay put.
  4. Help with trade offer. WHIR

    That is almost your situation now anyway with Green out.
  5. I think its worth the risk. Adams seems to be trending toward a heavy usage back
  6. Kelce Trade Help (WHIR)

    I agree with pswizzle in that they will want a RB in return. Ingram/Burton and add a kicker as a tiny sweetener since you have two.
  7. Help with trade offer. WHIR

    I say go for it. Green is an unknown especially if the Bengals keep losing and they hold him out. This also protects you against Mixon having the same issue if another injury pops up. The QB upgrade to Ryan is also nice.
  8. 6 keeper PPR and .5 per rush league. I got the following offer: His Hopkins/Mixon/Gronk for my Diggs/Fournette/Michel Am I giving up too much? I have CMC as my other RB. Thanks in advance!
  9. OBJ/Cook for Evans/Mixon??

  10. Keeper Trade Question

    Depending on how many you keep and the scoring settings I say its a good deal for you. You balance out your roster and get a stud WR to pair with OBJ.
  11. AJ Green for Mike Evans. WHIR

    Agree with all above. Stay put and keep Duke Johnson for the stretch run.
  12. B Cooks trade

    I say take it. Put Dez in the deal before Mcguire though.
  13. 12 team PPR and .5 point-per-rush, keep 6. Do I accept this trade: My OBJ/Dalvin cook for his Mike Evans/Mixon My Other keepers would be CMC, AJG and Kerryon. Thanks in advance.
  14. Traded for Barkley - How did I do??

    Thanks for the responses. Cohen could be a feature back soon enough but him and Howard are both in Chicago for a few years so not a dominate workload. Conner could continue to be the workhorse but Barkley already is that. I picked Woods over Hilton to take back.
  15. Zeke / Fournette Trade! WHIR!

    Very close but I would say accept. Also depends on your WRs. If you dont need help then Sutton is expendable.