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  1. Benched him in a tight 2-week PO matching with FG% tightly contested cause he's been shooting 38% the past week... and he does this. Welcome back bro.
  2. The chance of that coming to fruition is precisely 0.0%
  3. Is this a money league? If so, do you use majority vote on LeagueSafe?
  4. To all the kids reading at home -- don't do this.
  5. If there is a silver lining, at least he's not getting any opportunity to hurt your FT%... yet still manages to collect 4 stocks.
  6. I don't like the odds of Profar hitting at/near the top of the LU, given how successful the A's were towards the end of last year with Laureano & Chapman going 1-2. Sure, Profar may get more PT if he stays healthy but he only posted a .335 OBP in his best year. See where they slot him towards the end of ST if you're drafting late enough, but don't assume he's going to bat early.
  7. Over the past 45 days Meetch is ranked as the #1 contributor in blocks, #5 in FG% and #4 in TO (lol). The rebounds aren't anything special but do add to his overall value. I think this guy's going to be on a lot of championship rosters come season's end.
  8. I’d try to unload Sabonis to make room for Meetch at this juncture, if you can take the hit to your FT% and could use more blocks & less TO’s.
  9. They both carry injury risk. Assuming RoCo is back before playoffs, I would rather have him if you can stash.