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  1. For leagues who have their championship scheduled on the final week of the season, he'll be in a good position to do just that with a two-start week ahead.
  2. CLE would likely be looking down at TB in the WC standings. I'm picking CLE as the favorite in the AL Central next year, assuming good health.
  3. What’s the buy-in? Standard Y! settings or .... ?
  4. He and Chapman will have the A’s pretty locked in at the corners for years. Hopefully the Howard Terminal ballpark will become a reality and this franchise starts retaining their top talent, instead of flipping them for prospects (as usual). One can hope.
  5. I don't think opinions on his '20 ADP can be cemented until we've seen the reports on his athleticism/speed in ST. Assuming a full recovery and no visible effects in the field, I'm still in on Yeli as a top 3 pick next year.
  6. Gallen was a touted prospect who has delivered in his first crack at the highest level. Not sure he could be viewed as a "sleeper" going into 2020 -- maybe you mean "breakout"? He is going to get drafted, most likely in the mid rounds, in all but the shallowest leagues next season unless something unfortunate happens between now and then.
  7. You will need to make the league public for viewers to review league settings.
  8. Yelich’s season is done. Bad news for the Brew Crew...
  9. Fractured kneecap. Season over. F. Thanks for carrying some of us to the PO’s young stud. 😞
  10. Okay, I took the bait; 12T League 1: Carp (yuck), Villar, Brantley, Odor (yuck) 12T League 2: Cruz, Andujar (ouch), Olson, Marquez 12T League 3: Treinen (yuck), Chapman, Marquez, Moose Hitting on 50% sounds about right.
  11. You're not likely to have any shares of Mitch, DLO, Adebayo or JVal this year if you're waiting until the 6th. These are the players in your list I have ranked after Bridges on my draft board, at present; LeVert, Morant
  12. DH only platforms, probably 3rd. OF eligible platforms, a little earlier. This is all subject to change until then.
  13. Yordan's gonna be on a lot of fantasy championship teams this year.