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  1. Crowding the plate seemed to work okay for that one guy. What's his name again... Bonds?? /s BB liked being able to get his bat through the zone quicker with less extension. Either approach has it's advantages.
  2. Which means he is ranked 14th among players at his primary position -- i.e. LF (or is it RF?) but not among all OF, collectively. In that context, it roughly equates to being ~42nd among all OF assuming each specific position (LF, CF and RF) is equally as deep league wide. Still worth holding in leagues that roster 5 OF.
  3. You're just going to ignore the fact that both runs are unearned, and it would have been a solid SV if Castro doesn't fail to complete the putout?
  4. Taking BP and nearing a rehab assignment.
  5. He basically did nothing for the first couple weeks of the season, so his totals are a bit depressed. If he stays healthy ROS I am optimistic he can post 85/85 with 25+ HR's and eclipse .800 OPS.
  6. Wtf... There isn't a league shallow enough for me to drop Nelson Cruz, over a brief IL stint.
  7. Andrew Bennintendi's stats with 2B eligibility doesn't make him elite. This is two years in a row Altuve's been a bust unless he turns back the clock a couple of years.
  8. Doing Dodgers things. This might be 1 turn in the rotation for Ross.
  9. Cutch has been the weakest link on a couple of my 10T rosters when deciding who must go to make room for one of several recent call-ups. Was a bit hesitant to drop for Riley or Hiura, and I still feel like he's going to heat up later in the season but couldn't pass on the ++ upside options available when this dude's hittin .235 with 1 SB a quarter of the way into the season.
  10. Either way it's irritating. Have been waiting for Parker's next SVO to validate holding over guys like Martin/Cishek, and today we're getting blueballed.
  11. Shaw's being demoted. Moose sacrifices little-to-no PT for Hiura. This actually allows him to slide back over to 3B, so he'll retain 2B/3B position eligibility for next season (based on platform -- i.e. ESPN, Fantrax).
  12. By the time he comes off IL the closer job may very well be reCLaimed by LeClerc. I’m picking up Martin for the short term in leagues where I have someone to drop.
  13. KD is not a player you bench if he's in the LU.
  14. Curious. If they were to clone a single player, why would they go with Thames over Yeli? Inquiring minds got's to know.
  15. 2018 Gallo was still very valuable yet underrated, imo. Especially in H2H. I don't think anyone is selling on the cheap right now -- his current projections are 1st round worthy.
  16. BA up to .300 today but lacking the XBH's expected of someone touted as a power hitter. Looking forward to that first dinger.
  17. To the WW with you. Wish I had traded off more of my shares after the hot start.
  18. It's not a coincidence I own almost none of their players (shout out Matt Boyd) across 8 leagues. More proven players drafted around where VGJ was going are given month-long grace periods to start the season. Why doesn't Vlad get the same benefit after his call-up? I get the sense people are feeling entitled to a top 25 hitter out of the gate as vindication for having to stash him.
  19. Carp’s been a productive player year after year, and shown he can be very slow to get rolling early in he season. If you paid attention last year you’d know he can go 0-100 with sustained production 6-7 weeks into the season. I wouldn’t start start worrying, yet.