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  1. 2019 Draft Day Targets (Reaches)

    Gallo is someone I’d take in the 60s instead of 90s chapman + Olson could both go at least a round earlier If you’re gonna wait on SS’s reach for Tim Anderson around pick 100 McCutchen is going around 150 while Hicks is around 110, I’d take McCutchen closer to where Hicks is and Hicks a round earlier than he is now Schwarber at 180 is great value, he’s someone I envision getting better and better as he goes
  2. Giancarlo Stanton 2019 Outlook

    This is exactly how i feel about him. His swing is atrocious and good pitchers make him look like an absolute fool. Sure, he mashes the ball and will always hit 30+ home runs if he’s healthy but he’s never hitting 50+ again and while he could hit 40 I don’t think he’ll do it more than once or twice for the rest of his career.
  3. Luiz Gohara 2019 Outlook

    I like that list of # of starts. With gohara I’m thinking if he looks good in the spring he’s a good flier to take because even if he’s destined for a bullpen role with just a few spot starts he could put up some very nice numbers. Also with such a young staff I’d think their bullpen is gonna get plenty of work and chances to pitch multiple innings. would it be that terrible if he ended up pitching 80-100 innings with a handful of wins and if he’s back to his old self should be able to get a k/9 of 10+ pretty easily.
  4. 2019 Middle Relievers Thread

    https://www.fantraxhq.com/next-josh-hader/ Thought this was a good article for middle relievers
  5. Fangraphs 2019 Top 100

    Hampson gets no love and I just don’t get it... Sure he loses value on non-fantasy lists because his speed doesn’t add as much value in real life but we’re talking about someone with a .315/.389/.457/.846 career line with 20 hr/123 sb over 305 minor league games. He can play multiple IF positions as well as CF most likely. Is the lack of love simply because he has hit in favorable home fields his entire career being a Rockies prospect? I mean hell Brendan Rodgers is still at #28 and his career ops is 10 points lower than hampson. Is hampsons age the problem then? Just don’t get it
  6. Luiz Gohara 2019 Outlook

    Loved him coming into last season. He has one of the best lefty fastballs in the game and should be able to carry him to some success. Anyone think he’s destined for the bullpen with the depth in Atlanta? Feel like he could be extremely valuable as a middle reliever
  7. 2019 Stolen Base Targets

    One more for all of you...Cedric Mullins. Had a great success rate in the minors, but struggled a bit in the majors last year going just 2/5 on sb attempts. He has the speed to go 20+ thought and can add some value with 10-15 hr potential and a decent obp as well.
  8. 2019 Stolen Base Targets

    Like this list, I think a great way to approach steals currently is to get just 1 big steal threat(a clear 30+ guy) and target a lot of players that can contribute 10-15 along with good all around numbers. Along with your list there a few more: Aaron Hicks - if he plays in 150+ games 15 sb should be very possible McCutchen Brantley Odor Profar Some more guys who could contribute 20+ easily Moncada Margot
  9. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Not at all. But the rest of us could care less if he’s putting up miggy or Pujols like numbers
  10. Who to take #1 overall in keeper league? WHIR

    Kind of depends on your keeper rules tbh. If whoever you pick is locked in as a first rounder forever, or if lindor becomes a first rounder next year, there’s a good chance you might not keep them again. for long term value if go 1.turner 2.machado 3.altuve for just this year I’d probably take 1.altuve 2.turner 3. Machado
  11. 2019 Stolen Base Targets

    For “sleeper” steals Laureano - i think he gets to 20-30 safely, some say he’s capable of 40 but a lot would have to go right. Rosario - if he picks up where he left off in the 2nd half he’s a shoe in for 30+ this year Buxton - Yeah yeah I’m still on the wagon. If he gets full playing time and gets on even at a bad clip he should steal 25+ Robles - As long as he’s hitting he has monster potential for sb(30+ for sure). I think he’s a great risk/reward value if his redraft ADP is 105 right now Garrett Hampson - this is probably the best “sleeper” sb pick you can get. Obviously it all depends on his playing time, but I see him as their 2B to start the year and may transition to CF if Rodgers starts hot. He has 40 sb potential if he is playing full time. Amazing Obp guy who should be their leadoff hitter sooner rather than later
  12. Corey Seager 2019 Outlook

    K:bb since his early return? He hasn’t returned yet? And how on earth did any scout whiff on a 24 year old with a RoY award, 2 all star appearances and 13.7 career WAR through a little more than 2 full seasons? Just nonsense being spewed here. Only thing you said with merit is that he doesn’t steal bases
  13. Feels crazy to have to ask... Vlad Jr for Machado? WHIR

    With your team makeup I'd hold onto vlad unless you got a little more. Between Vlad, Robles, Whitley, Wander, Tatis and Lewis, then add in Kiriloff or Luzardo, you have half the top 12 prospects in the league. While you have a nice core already, your teams time to win isn't the next two years, its time is in 3-4 years when those guys have come to true fruition. Instead of trading any of them away for win now pieces hold them all and reap the benefits later. Your team is good enough to stay somewhat competitive, but adding Machado definitely doesn't make it unbeatable. So let your prospects develop and soon enough your team will be unbeatable.
  14. Ramon Laureano 2019 Outlook

    Thanks for digging in @lobsterback the theory makes a lot of sense. Clearly pitchers adjusted once he got some plate appearances in the bigs. As with all players who first come up it’s all about whether he can adjust right back and right the ship. His down year of 2017(which really was bad) sticks out as a bad omen in this sense. Was trying to find his splits for that year but couldn’t pull them up anywhere. Wondering if his second was worse than the first and possibly the pitchers in that league had his number. As you said his upside is still great, but the considerable risk may make his adp a good spot for him. In Obp leagues I’d think he gets a huge bump as his floor for Obp should be way better than his avg.
  15. To keep Lindor, or not to keep Lindor

    I think best case here is you toss him back and just redraft him. I’d rather have him over Bergman/goldy/Stanton long term and if someone else grabs lindor the top 5 available you mentioned would all be great replacemtns