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  1. Yeah if they clinch it he better get caught stealing every time on base until he gets there
  2. Agreed. Verlanders No-no breaks any ties imo though
  3. Is there any reason for the angels to put him on the IL?
  4. Worth a flier at around top 200 remember when people talking about him as a top 50 guy? I member
  5. You can’t teach plate discipline overnight. These are numbers that scream AWFUL plate discipline. As I said previously in this thread he seemed like a batter that could easily be exploited once pitchers figured out his weaknesses. Seems that has happened. With that said, Aquino still suffers substantial swing-and-miss (17% SwStr in INT, 18.5% SwStr in MLB). Further, he utilizes one of the most swing-happy (57% swing!) approaches in the majors. As such, he almost certainly will regress, and it would not be surprising if his batting average flirted with the Mendoza Line.
  6. 10bb/9 so far in the minors not the best sign, also 11+ k/9 though but that’s pretty expected against single A for a guy of his pedigree.
  7. Just waiting for him to throw 5 perfect innings to see if Roberts would even let him go out in the 6th. My guess is he goes into the 6th walks one guy and gets pulled with a no hitter on the board.
  8. Does anyone know where to find league wide average flyball distances? I found one article from around June that showed that AAA flyball distances had increased 3% on average up to 304 ft up from ~294 ft. An extra 10 ft on average for every flyball is a crazy change. If someone knows where to find the league averages for this I’d like to compare the changes over the last few years and also over the course of the steroid era. When we see increases in home runs like this it’s not because players are hitting the ball better. Adding 9 ft to every warning track pop fly a player hits is gonna add home runs, no doubt about it. If someone with full access to statcast and all it’s potential, I’m sure we could go back and find out just how many home runs most likely would not have made it out of the park this year.
  9. I see him settling around top 30-40 going into next season and could very easily be the #1 2B by mid season. As a dynasty owner of him I’m not sure I’d take any other 2B for him right now to be honest. Gleybars the only one I think should be ranked above him, but if Hiura keeps stealing bases his ceiling is definitely higher.
  10. I don’t really care what his numbers are right now, his swing is ugly. I said the same thing about vogelbach and look where he is now. Pitchers will learn how to exploit him and with a swing like that he most likely won’t be able to adjust. I’m not saying don’t ride the wave, I’m actually mad cause I had him and dropped right before his first 3 hr game. Long run though just don’t pay for him, guess that’s all I’m saying.
  11. Dynasty wise he will be a starter next year, but probably not full time until the year after that. I have him right ahead of whoever you consider the best pitching prospect in baseball.
  12. To be honest when I posted that I had forgetten it was the Realmuto deal and was thinking it was a mid season trade for some bad. Still intrigued by his success though ha!
  13. As far as stats go, I feel like he may never lead the league in homers but be an xbh machine. Maybe like current bogaerts
  14. Another gem last night. 6 ip 3 h 1 bb 6 k 1 er Through his last 5 starts he has a .60 era .70 whip 27k 5bb 30 ip something has clicked here. Wondering if it’s the development of a pitch or if he stopped tinkering with certain things. Since the trade he has been lights out though, so maybe he just needed the change of scenery to get going
  15. 9 hits in 2 games...average up to .289. Can’t believe there isn’t chatter on this guy.