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  1. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    “There are 240 players who have batted at least 250 times this season. The leader among them in wRC+ is Mike Trout, at 190. In second place, we find Mookie Betts. After Betts, there’s Jose Ramirez. After Ramirez, there’s J.D. Martinez. And after Martinez, there’s Juan Soto. There’s 19-year-old Juan Soto, with a wRC+ of 161.” “there are 200 players who have hit the ball the other way at least 50 times, and out of that group, Soto has baseball’s single-highest opposite-field wRC+“ The most mind boggling stats of the fan graphs article. Just insane.
  2. Eloy Jimenez - OF CWS

    He was added to the 40-man roster, he’ll be there at some point this year at least
  3. Garrett Hampson 2018 Outlook

    Anyone needing steals should take a flier on him in any format. He’s going to get on base and once he gets the green light he could put up legit sb numbers. He swiped 120, getting caught just 23 times, in 287 minor league games. That’s a 60+ full season pace with a great success rate. If he stays in the lineup for ROS I’ll take a decent avg/Obp with some runs and 10+ steals, there’s not many people out there swiping bags these days.
  4. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    When you say keeper leagues do you mean 8-10 keepers? Or 23+ with no restrictions? There’s a massive difference between keeper leagues and dynasty leagues. Theres also no point in playing dynasty leagues if you ever plan to quit it or have the league fold, ever. If you do play in a legit dynasty league that’s 5+ years in you’ll understand why guys like Soto are worth so much. More than half the teams are rebuilding in hopes of winning 3-5 years down the road and guys like kershaw and Goldschmidt are completely worthless to them. Guys like Soto on the other hand have the chance of being the anchor of the team 3-5 years down the road and even farther.
  5. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Espns dynasty rankings don’t value prospects/youth nearly as much as most true dynasty rankings do. Razzball, rotowire and the dynastyguru(avg and Obp rankings) all have him top 20 overall, even as high as 7 in TDG Obp rankings( granted those rankings are the absolute extreme when it comes to valuing prospects, but in true dynasty formats to get on top you live and die by these top prospects in the long run. He’s jumped Acuna in my mind and is equal to vlad jr. If vlad comes up this year and struggles at all I think Soto jumps him in dynasty value going into next season as well.
  6. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    Robbie Ray Tanaka bundy Jon Gray Just to name a few
  7. Buy Low/Sell High 2018

    This opinion just proves that they are buy low targets because clearly everyone doesn’t think they are
  8. Minor League Draft

    Not sure how many people are in your league or if it’s snake or whatever, but if Adell falls to you at #2 he is the clear #1 out of all of them. Luzardo is the best pitcher out of the bunch. Kiriloff and Mize would be #2 hitter/pitcher for me, win AJ Puk and Cease also warranting consideration.
  9. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Don’t worry I’ll use stats for you. If you take Soto’s stats so far in the majors and expand it to 162 games you get this stat line: 96 runs 31 hr 93 rbi 4 sb .305 avg .420 Obp 108 walks 120 k the closest line I could find to this from 2017 was Jose Abreu at: 95 runs 33 hr 102 rbi 3 sb .304 avg .354 Obp 35 walks 119 ks In a standard 5x5 roto league using average Abreu was the #22 overall player last year and the #18 overall batter. Soto is also batting at the top of the nationals lineup, which is finally hitting like it should, and his counting stats are just going to get better as long as he sticks in the top 5. And finally to say he’s not a top redraft target is just plain stupid if you’re basing it off what’s he’s done so far. He’s nearly on a .300 100 30 100 pace at age 19. He’s just going to get better, so if that’s your base line I’ll draft him top 20 all day long to shoot for his ceiling which is most like going to be a perennial 40 hr threat with a top 5 league Obp, batting title contender and a monster in runs/rbis hitting in the heart of the nationals lineup. So please, keep saying he’s not that good.
  10. Jonathan Villar 2018 Outlook

    Pretty sure his defense is a huge part of it
  11. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    They must really not care about Harper resigning with them. I just want to remind everyone that the Nationals trade Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez for Eaton just 2 years ago. A big part of his value was his very team friendly contract but that’s not the only reason the nationals gave up one of the best pitching prospects in baseball at the time. They believed in him then and they most likely still do, he’s just been eased in after his I juries Taylor was hot when Eaton came back, but he’s 1 for his last 14 and hasn’t started 3 straight games. I don’t see him being a massive problem for playing time ROS, especially if this Harper at first thing has any validity. If you can find someone who thinks Eaton is worthless cause he doesn’t start everyday go buy him low and remember you’re getting a career .360 Obp leadoff hitter in front of 4 all stars and the best 19 year old ever. He’ll get his home runs every once in a while and I’m sure he’ll steal a few eventually. He also has a damn good chance of leading the league in runs the second half. So yeah stop complaining and buy him, start or if someone was dumb enough to drop him go get him.
  12. Mitch Keller - SP PIT

    Another solid outing the other day. 8 innings 1 hit 2 walks 6 k Really don’t know what Keller has left to prove, would be pretty disappointing if he isn’t given a shot this year.
  13. Carter Kieboom-SS-WSH

    Picked him up expecting massive jumps in rankings between now and the end of the year. Am I crazy to think he’s a top 15, possibly top 10, prospect next season? Also anyone know how his defense gradea out?
  14. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Yeah to be honest I had it in my head that JD was 28 for some reason... didnt realize you missed turner either but obviously he’s there. Not sold on his power at all and pitchers are already figuring out how to pitch to him( His hot start after his debut doesn’t change his previous projections to the point he is in this conversation for me. To not make this entirely about other players and dynasty rankings, the thing that sets Soto(and vlad) apart is their age and plate discipline. A lot of guys can come up and hit home runs, but look at Rhys and Bellinger this year, things can change quickly when you don’t have the hit tool of Soto, which is good enough to expect to always be at or above the .300 mark. Same goes for Vlad.
  15. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    PrObably around 15-20 overall. Not sure there’s a single pitcher I’d trade him for. Ha! I literally typed the same exact list. I think you can add acuna in with Soto and vlad. Benintendi is the only one I’d add too. Corey’s Seager isn’t dead either.