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  1. Need 1 owner for a league created in February, still in 1st season. The First year Amatuer draft is ckming up July 8. Looking for a COL Rockies owner, Rockies have 26th Overall pick. Team is free for first season. Thanks! Creating a startup Ultimate Dynasty Keeper League with 30 man MLB rosters and a 35 man minor League roster. The league will be MLB themed to mimic the real MLB and the use of Fantrax for league management along with proboards for the slow draft and transactions. This league will be intended for owners who plan on sticking around, as I have joined dynasty leagues that up and disappear after one year. I am a dedicated dynasty player and commissioner, wanting to create a deep league with other enthusiastic owners for the long haul. The buy in each year will be $22.67 ($20 team fee +$2.67 fantrax premium league fee). Prizes will be $20 to the 6 division winners and 2 wild cards, $35 to the 4 ALDS and NLDS winners, $100 to the ALCS and NLCS winners, and $100 to the World Series winner. If you win the league you will take home $255. Scoring Scoring will be H2H Categories and there will be 2 Weekly Matchups. 4 SP start min per week 7 SP max per week. DAILY LINEUPS Categories HR R RBI Net Steals(SB-CS) OBP% SLUG% QS Saves Holds K/9 WHIP ERA HOME TEAM INITIAL KEEPERS and DRAFT Each team will be aloud to start with 2 major league keepers and 2 minor league keepers. You do not have to start with these keepers, it is up to you. Example: The Chicago White Sox may start with Yoan Moncada and Carlos Rondon along with Eloy Jimenez and Michael Kopech. All other players not kept by initial MLB teams will go into the initial draft pool. The draft will be ONE draft including all unkept MLB players along with all unkept Minor league players. A player is Minor League Eligible with less than 130 MLB ABs/50 MLB IP. The draft will be a slow draft on proboards starting once league is full and keepers are declared. The draft clock will be 12 hours with no overnight stoppage. (We are 1 month and a half from oppening day). If the 12 hr clock expires you will be skipped and pick can be made up at anytime. Draft order will be determined randomly once league is full, and will be a snake draft. Rosters Rosters will consist of a 30 man MLB scoring roster and 35 man Minor League roster. MLB Roster: C 1B 2B 3B SS MI CI OF OF OF OF UTL SP SP SP SP SP RP RP RP RP RP RP 7 Bench MINOR LEAGUE ELIGIBILITY Minor League Eligible with less than 130 MLB ABs/50 MLB IP. Once a minor league eligible player is promoted to the MLB scoring roster and accrues one scoring stat, they can no longer qualify for the MINOR LEAGUE roster (once a player is promoted to the MLB roster they can not be demoted). A minor leaguer that surpasses 130 MLB ABs or 50 MLB IP does not have to be promoted until the offseason, if they are not promoted in the offseason they will be released to waivers. Minor league players may not be added or released during the season (this includes June Draftees and international free agents). MLB WAIVERS Any player that is on your 30 man MLB scoring roster may be released and a MLB player that is on waivers may be added during the season. This player must be currently on a 25 man MLB roster. Fantrax waiver priority will be used in determining which teams win claims. MLB players can be released and added under these rules during the offseason as well. MID SEASON JUNE AMATEUR DRAFT The midseason amatuer draft will be comprised of 7 Round Draft held after the amatuer signing deadline each year (usually around JULY 10th). All players taken in the JUNE draft by MLB teams are eligible. The draft order will be determined by inverse standings from previous season. (First amatuer draft will be random order). International Free agents are not eligible for amatuer draft. Teams will have 7 days to release minor leaguers to comply with the 35 man minor league roster limit if needed after june draft is completed. This draft will take place on proboards. OFFSEASON MINOR LEAGUE DRAFT A 10 round minor league draft will be held JAN 15th each offseason. The player pool will include all unowned minor leaguers and International free agents. The draft order will be be determined by inverse standings from previous season. This draft will take place on proboards. I NL West COL email if interested or leave email below with team you would like to claim Quote
  2. League Full! Would like to take a couple interested owners for a wait list. Let me know
  3. Dont be discouraged by the remaining teams available, this league offers great parity and every team has a fair shake in the layout. Still looking to fill SEA NYM BAL MIA MIL SF TEX KC DET ARZ
  4. Update looking for more owners. This will be a fun engaging league with depth. Start your team from scratch! Teams still available: NYY NYM LAD TEX KC BAL MIA SEA PHI DET SF ARZ MIL CHC