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  1. There are a handful of unique features to our league. We are seeking an owner that can handle the grind of a daily league - and who likes the league format and structure. There will be little or no change in future years - so if you like it you will keep liking it, if not, then you won't. If you are interested in the league and want a copy of the league rules (Complete details in rules document) and available roster, please contact me at Summary: Site - Yahoo, Fee $170 12 team league - year three of the league (11 people returning - 1 opening) Auction draft - draft date set March 27th - 6:30 PM CST Head to head - Daily line-ups (games go one week) Roster 22 players Weekly pick-ups - 4 Three player carryover (may also keep 2,1 or none) Two division winners and 4 wildcards make the playoffs (12 team league) Payouts for Two division winners, top two wildcards plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd in playoffs. Also payouts for breaking league records in a variety of records ($325 carried over from previous years) Available team - is the team that had best regular season record last year - so a good team...
  2. League Summary: Third year of league One team available (was top team last season) Three player carryover Head to head DAILY LINE-ups - Because the league is daily we need an active owner.... 22 man roster Score categories - Runs, HR, RBI, EBH, OBP and SB K's ERA Whip Wins QS Saves 12 team league - 6 teams make playoffs - 2 division winners and 4 wildcards... Payouts: Division winner $240 and 170 Top wildcard $125, 2nd wildcard $90 League Champion $500 2nd place $275 Third place $175 Plus there are payouts for a wide variety of league records: Current money carried over from previous years is $325 (will be paid out from beaten or tied records.... $260 auction draft Draft date March 27 6:30 PM CST League fee must be received by March 22, 2019. If you are interested please send an e-mail to I will send you the leagues full rules and last years standing and rosters...