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  1. Siakam/Markkannan/Allen

    I'm leaning towards markkannen as well but is there a 2 for one trade I can do or stay put
  2. Trade help - Gasol for Fox

    I would defs take fox. Young and only getting better. Gasol is old deteriorating and will have heaps of rest
  3. Late in the season . I'm competitive and might go close to winning if I get back to full strength. So shouldn't really change much yet but at the same time I want to sort out my 7 keepers. Currently my First 6 are Conley Beal Irving Covington Ayton Boogie. I need to choose one do the 3 mentioned in the title as my last. I have also been thinking of doing a 2 for 1 trade but not sure who I could get with them. Needing a forward. It's not the worst problem to have haha WHIR
  4. Tobias Harris, Millsap deal

    I would rather Harris TBH. I'm currently trying to get him and giving up more than I that. Both millsap and green are hit & miss and both on teams where they went the first few options. Harris is the main man in LAC and will only get better
  5. WHIR hield vs G.Harris

    Also. Would giving up LMA be not enough or too much for either one ? . Was looking at packaging bogbog or gay if needed
  6. WHIR hield vs G.Harris

    The biggest worry with me is I hate owning kings players because I got burnt so much last season. I believe they have fixed the problem with line up changes now but it's always in the back of my mind
  7. My Klay for the Lord Covington

    Ahhhh if you have to question it maybe you don't deserve the presence of lord roco But yes I would do it. Klay is a consistent scorer but that's it. Roco is a boss at everything http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/736186-whir-hield-vs-gharris/
  8. Dipo or Beal?

    As much as I love Beal and own him in all my teams I will have to say dipo. I would love to trade them though
  9. Derozan or J Rich

    Did I see this post earlier ?
  10. Jokic Trade WHIR

    No brainer Jokic side for sure. Almost anyone vs the joker I will take the joker
  11. Tatum or Gallo? WHIR

    Tatum for sure. Gallo has had too good if a run this year and is due to break even any game now
  12. RHJ or E.Gordon?

    I'm a RHJ owner and he is frustrating as hell so I will go with Gordon.
  13. Both young both same position . Stats are similar who is the better one to target. 9cat head to head keeper
  14. Buy low / Sell high 2018-2019

    Is Pascal siakam a sell high or is the breakout real, can we see him holding ( maybe not the top 30 value he has now ) top 50 ?
  15. Ariza would be my drop. Bejinca would probs be 2ND. Won't be long until joeger has to pull the pin on him for Bagley to keep his job haha