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  1. Conley vs Rubio vs Murray

    Thanks for the insight . Good reply haha My team is based around boogie and kyrie so I'm more into building this year because of injuries . Hence the question about Murray I feel I have too many injury prone players and Conley is first on the list to move As for pairing with Conley for a top end guy. Roco is one I was going to add
  2. And Ed Davis. He will play over faried surely
  3. Demarcus Cousins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Anyone have any idea why boogie is listed GTD on yahoo. I want to put him on my IR spot to pick up someone but can't
  4. I'm really trying to move Conley on as I'm worried about his injuries. Was going to try get Lillard or kemba ( obviously by trading more than just Conley) What order would you have these 3 players and how much extra would I need to give with Conley or would they be similar value
  5. In one of my leagues I own Allen Collins Jokic and aldridge. Allen I believe in a little more than Collins purely because Collins loves a foul and misses out on minutes because of it. I don't believe Allen was as bad. Plus he has every opportunity in the world this season with only ed Davis on the roster that could hurt him. And he isn't much to worry about
  6. Kemba or conley and covington

    I have the Conley and roco. Was worried it was too much for kemba. I agree though. Conley is a high risk
  7. I also noticed Conley at 36 and 47
  8. Ayton vs Collins

    I would love to win how but had an injury riddled 12 months. So not liking my chances. My keepers are Boogie Conley Irving Roco Turner Rhj Markkannen
  9. 7 keeper 9 cat H2H league. My draft is coming up and I have the 2ND pick. My plans have been based around doncic and ayton being my options but now John Collins is In the draft list I'm unsure if I stick to my guns . Is collins worth more. Especially in a keeper league ? What order would you have the 3
  10. I expect early on Lopez starts but they get similar minutes with WCJ taking over by Xmas. I have sneaky chucked some coin on him for rookie of the year but I can be bias being a bulls supporter. 12-14 points 7-8 boards 1.5 blocks ?
  11. 2018-2019 Breakout Candidates

    Agree. And he does a bit of everything in categories as well. He is normally a coach favourites due to his non stop energy and hustle. Big fan
  12. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    I had high hopes for him this year but didn't get the chance.. and agree. He doesn't need massive minutes to be relevant. Is the only hurdle Cody zeller ? If so. Surely he can jump him soon as enough
  13. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    What are some thoughts on Willy hernangomez ? Showed a bit again in the summer league and clearly has potential
  14. Keeper Help

    Guess it's ROCO and RHJ haha thanks lads. Wasn't sure on Roco but clearly still a good pick