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  1. John Collins 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    PF I believe . I think he is more of a pinch hitting centre when the team is desperate at best or playing a small ball 5. Can defend both positions well though
  2. Last keeper spots

    Now that schroder has gone to OKC. Massive hit to fantasy value. Still with a keeper spot ?
  3. Brandon Knight 2018-19 Outlook

    Apart from being a laughing stock on so many occasions. He has also shown he can be a quality asset.. in his first couple seasons at Phoenix he averaged almost 20 points with strong supporting stats but does have trouble staying fit.. the new Phoenix coach likes him and is giving him full run at PG ( it's not like they have many options now ) so I will look at him late in the draft for sure
  4. Kyrie or Wall

    Convenient timing. I have kyrie and someone offered wall and a pick for him, so interested to see responses
  5. Agree with above. Work out roughly where the pick would be before you consider. Bit because there is some doubt I would avoid it. Plus Giles is on everyone's radar atm so clearly has something special about him
  6. Last keeper spots

    Thanks guys. I was leaning towards Allen anyway but was thinking if I would need him after I draft a big as well.. I should have some good trade assets with my bigs come season start though. Big fan of JJJ. He is defs on my radar.. mainly between him and ayton. But being a bulls fan and seeing Carter in the summer league. He also should have good minutes straight up. It would be easy for me to take a punt on him
  7. Standard 9 cat 7 keepers So far my keepers are Jokic Aldridge Beal Russell Schroder Collins The 7th keeper i am struggling with Either jarret allen, taurean prince, trey burke, keif morris or Malcolm brogdon I also have pick 2 in the draft who should i target , pick 1 is going to be doncic (confirmed)
  8. Tim Hardaway jr 2017-2018 Outlook

    And would you look at that, now has a respectable line. People jump the gun so quick around here
  9. I really do not want to move the lord on but man this is rough
  10. I completely forgot this guy existed haha..
  11. All sports are super stressed and carful with concussions these days ( and rightfully so) Australian football league have a rule where if you get concussed you are out the next week unless you miraculously pass the billion point concussion test over a couple days .. or your name is joel selwood (aussie lads will understand that one )
  12. Too hard to predict these days. Wont be as bad as dunn but as they have cracked down hard on head knocks i would expect a week minimum. Even if he is cleared might still miss the next game as a precaution. I suffer from delayed concussions myself and sometimes you can be fine for a day then bam.. . Should hear more tomorrow though
  13. Josh Jackson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    So you are thinking payton, book, jackson, warren and a centre ?
  14. Josh Jackson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I drafted him and its taken a hell of a lot of patience but it has paid off stashing him. The only concern i have is payton being there. Surely that will move jackson to the bench? Run with a payton, booker, warren, bender, chandler starting 5
  15. Yep.. going to be interesting for the next few games...if someone can find a reply it was pretty bad by portis