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  1. Miguel Cabrera 2018 Outlook

    What an idiotic take. Are you even watching the games. It’s been freezing and Cabrera is driving the ball. He miss a HR by 5 feet today. I guess you’d drop Votto too because he isn’t hitting homeruns in April.
  2. Josh Donaldson 2018 Outlook

    You are way over reacting.
  3. Rate my team- WHIR

    Yikes. You have a lot of holes to fill. Torres and Stenzel aren’t even going to start with the big league club. Conforto is hurt, so you will need to make some early season moves. Pitching has upside but also carries a lot of risk. Overall, your team carries a ton of risk. Could be fine but I think your going to struggle to be in the top half of the league.
  4. When to draft Acuna?

    I took him 114th last night. Maybe a round early, but I wanted him.
  5. Looked good til Polonco got suspended. You have a real hole at SS now.
  6. OBP catergoy target number

    Thanks, that’s exactly what I needed.
  7. Hey guys, I have my draft coming up soon. The league changed from Avg to OBP this year. For those that have played OBP can what’s a good target number to be competitive in the category? I’m setting my targets numbers and any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  8. Carlos Martinez 2018 Outlook

    My statement was correct though. The man is 29 and has never exceeded 145 innings at the Major League Level. That was my point.
  9. Carlos Martinez 2018 Outlook

    OK.. If you include the minor numbers you're right. I would much rather take a guy in Martinez who has proven to take the mound every 5 days. Paxton is always hurt and always on the DL. So he's exceeded 150 (minors included) twice in 7 sevens and never at the MLB level. That doesn't give me confidence in him at his price. Ultimately, what I'm saying is when looking at the numbers they are basically the same player. Personally, I would much rather take Martinez, he's proven to stay healthy. Where Paxton has not. If fact, every injury is with his left arm or side of the body which is concerning.
  10. Carlos Gonzalez 2018 Outlook

    I suppose. However, we don't know what Dahl is. He could be good but I'm not sold he's that good. You know what you're getting with Parra and it's not much, Tapia could be good but there's a lot of questions around him. Also who the heck knows what McMahon is as well. I guess my point is you know what you're getting with Cargo. I think last year was an outlier and at a discounted price. Dahl, Tapia and McMahon are better served to develop.
  11. Carlos Gonzalez 2018 Outlook

    This is assuming would want to go to CO on a one year deal. As a pitcher trying to hit the market again next season looking for a long term deal I would stay away from CO. Minn is much better served for improving his market value. Target field is a lot more pitcher friendly and the AL Central could easily be the weakest division in baseball this season.
  12. Zack Greinke 2018 Outlook

    This was the same conversation last season and I got him at a major discount. I'm out on his current price but no because of the news. He'll be fine but I'm not paying the 3-5 round price when I like other pitchers more.
  13. Carlos Martinez 2018 Outlook

    There is zero chance I would take Paxton over CMart. The guy just can't stay healthy. I wouldn't spend a high pick on a guy who's never pitched 145 innings.
  14. Carlos Gonzalez 2018 Outlook

    I grabbed Him and Dickerson at 285 and 292 in my draft today. I see value in both at that point of the draft.
  15. $50 Roto OBP 12 team

    Interested but can’t view league settings. Is this a daily or weekly transaction league. jeremy.vanspronsen@gmail.com