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  1. Are you insane? No chance Hooper plays this week. Suiting up for practice doesn’t come close to playing. Remember, Barkley was practicing 2-3 weeks before actually playing. Same thing with Mahomes.
  2. Truant isn’t a needle mover. He’s well past his prime and really just a guy at this point in his career.
  3. [...] Ridley is at worst flex viable with WR2 upside everyweek. This move was an upgrade to my team overall.
  4. Actually quite the opposite. This is as low as his price will get, I tend to try to predict future results not look at past results. i think he has really good value moving forward.
  5. Everyone is so down on this guy. So I just traded for him. I like his prospects moving forward, [...]
  6. If you want to believe that it’s your choice. All I’ll say is he wouldn’t be the first athlete who’s official height was a bit skewed.
  7. I tend to agree he will not be a successful QB in this league. He’s Micheal Vick with a worse arm/accuracy and an inability to read defenses. He’s going to have to roll every play to see the field. NFL defenses will exploit this. Zero chance he’s 5’10.
  8. Russell Wilson was also light years ahead of where Murray is as a true QB. He came into the league ready and able to understand an NFL playbook and NFL defensive concepts. He also had the tutelage of a really good NFL coaching staff. Murray currently doesn’t have any of that.
  9. Not at all. If anything they will be worse. The lost Iupati and Wetzel via FA and signed Sweezy to help address the interior. They did bring in Gilbert which is an upgrade but losing two Guards will hurt. However, he can’t ever stay on the field. Overall, I still put them as the worst line in the league who may be slightly stronger on the edge but much worse on the interior. Kinda odd for a team that faces Donald twice.
  10. The math is way off here. By my calculations your numbers would put him at 355 points. Not sure where that lands but surely inside the top 5.
  11. This needs to slow down a bit. In dynasty I like his prospects, however, I’m not touching him at his redraft price. He reminds me more of Vick then most want to admit. Great runner but hasn’t shown the ability to work through progressions. His eyes drop and looks to run far too often. He also will need to show the ability to hang on to the ball better. The way he carries the ball will need to change or we will be seeing a lot of fumbles. He he needs to learn a lot. Not worth the risk at his price for redraft.
  12. I have a startup Dynasty looking for one owner to fill the league. it's a $100 buy in managed by league safe. 25 man rosters with a 3 man taxi squad. Also, this league doesn't use Kickers or Defenses. See roster settings and scoring settings below. Feel free to email or text if you like info/ link to the bylaws or would like to join. Jeremy.VanSpronsen@gmail.com 269-271-1640 QB: 1 RB: 2 WR: 3 TE: 1 Flex: 3 Bench: 15 Scoring Settings Set custom scoring values PASSING Passing Yards 1 point everyyards (0.05 per yard) Passing TD Passing First Down 2-Pt Conversion Pass Intercepted Pick 6 Thrown Pass Completed Incomplete Pass Pass Attempts QB Sacked 40+ Yard Completion Bonus 40+ Yard Pass TD Bonus RUSHING Rushing Yards 1 point everyyards (0.10 per yard) Rushing TD Rushing First Down 2-Pt Conversion Rush Attempts 40+ Yard Rush Bonus 40+ Yard Rush TD Bonus RECEIVING Reception Receiving Yards 1 point everyyards (0.10 per yard) Receiving TD Receiving First Down 2-Pt Conversion 0-4 Yard Reception Bonus 5-9 Yard Reception Bonus 10-19 Yard Reception Bonus 20-29 Yard Reception Bonus 30-39 Yard Reception Bonus 40+ Yard Reception Bonus 40+ Yard Reception TD Bonus Reception Bonus - RB Reception Bonus - WR Reception Bonus - TE KICKING FG Made FG Made (0-19 yards) FG Made (20-29 yards) FG Made (30-39 yards) FG Made (40-49 yards) FG Made (50+ yards) Points per FG yard Points per FG yard over 30 PAT Made FG Missed FG Missed (0-19 yards) FG Missed (20-29 yards) FG Missed (30-39 yards) FG Missed (40-49 yards) FG Missed (50+ yards) PAT Missed SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER Special Teams TD Special Teams Forced Fumble Special Teams Fumble Recovery Special Teams Solo Tackle Punt Return Yards 1 point everyyards (0.05 per yard) Punt Return TD Kick Return Yards 1 point everyyards (0.05 per yard) Kick Return TD TEAM DEFENSE Defense / Special Teams TD Points Allowed 0 Points Allowed 1-6 Points Allowed 7-13 Points Allowed 14-20 Points Allowed 21-27 Points Allowed 28-34 Points Allowed 35+ Points Per Point Allowed Less Than 100 Total Yards Allowed 100-199 Total Yards Allowed 200-299 Total Yards Allowed 300-349 Total Yards Allowed 350-399 Total Yards Allowed 400-449 Total Yards Allowed 450-499 Total Yards Allowed 500-549 Total Yards Allowed 550+ Total Yards Allowed Points Per Yard Allowed Hit on QB Sacks Sack Yards 1 point everyyards Interceptions INT Return Yards 1 point everyyards Fumble Recovery Fumble Return Yards 1 point everyyards Tackle For Loss Assisted Tackle Solo Tackle Tackle Safety Forced Fumble Blocked Kick Pass Defended Stopped 2-Pt Conversion Missed FG Return Yards 1 point everyyards Blocked Kick Return Yards 1 point everyyards SPECIAL TEAMS DEFENSE Special Teams TD Bonus Special Teams Forced Fumble Special Teams Fumble Recovery Special Teams Solo Tackle Punt Return Yards 1 point everyyards Punt Return TD Bonus Kick Return Yards 1 point everyyards Kick Return TD Bonus MISC Fumble Fumble Lost BONUS 100-199 Yard Rushing Game 200+ Yard Rushing Game 100-199 Yard Receiving Game 200+ Yard Receiving Game 300-399 Yard Passing Game 400+ Yard Passing Game 100-199 Combined Rush + Rec Yards 200+ Combined Rush + Rec Yards
  13. I think taking him as your QB1 in redraft is crazy. There are so many proven QB’s and coordinators/systems I’d much rather invest in. He’s nothing more then a last round flier for me. I wouldn’t even do that though as I never carry two QB’s.
  14. These cases are not supporting your argument. Watson played 6 games his rookie year. Mayfield was OK but you didn’t need him at all. Very inconsistent, same with Allen. Really the only ones I would tend to agree with from you list that made a real impact in terms of fantasy were Cam and Luck. so, yes it’s very rare.
  15. Quarterbacks are super hard to predict, team and analysts are wrong much more then they are right. I believe the concerns I have with Murray are real. There is no doubt he can run, probably one of the better running quarterbacks I’ve seen. We’ll see how that will translate to the NFL. Will he choose to try to use his legs over his arm? That’s slightly concerning at the NFL level. Could be great from a fantasy standpoint but could also end up like RGIII in terms of injury. The main concerns I have though are in terms of running an offense and accuracy. He has an NFL arm no doubt but his accuracy is very mediocre. He was able to get away with that at the collegiate level especially against the weak defenses Oklahoma played. The windows are much smaller and defenses are much faster in the NFL, his accuracy must improve. Secondly, I question his ability to properly read defenses and go through his progressions. Maybe this is just something he didn’t have to do at Oklahoma. In the tape I’ve watched I saw a guy that only threw when a player was open and didn’t anticipate well. In other words he didn’t show he knew the coverage well or possibly just didn’t trust it, in turn he would only throw when the WR was already open not before. That’s a major red flag for me. You cannot do that at the NFL level. His footwork is also very questionable, this can be solved with proper coaching. However, KK is a rookie coach himself at the NFL and really his college track record is suspect itself. I hope I’m wrong and he succeeds but I think he may have a real rough road ahead of him.
  16. This is one of many reasons I’m completely out on Murray. I hope he succeeds but really don’t see much that will translate to the NFL game without proper coaching/teaching which he doesn’t have in Kingsbury.
  17. My word, players get days off. It’s not the end of the word. This overreacting is crazy.
  18. Jose Ramirez and I really don’t think it’s close.
  19. How do you figure? If he got subbed for a defensive player he could easily see 2 AB’s. I don’t see it happening though.
  20. I see that but you really hoping for one PH AB. I wouldn’t hold my breath.
  21. Who is he subbing in for? Pham and Keirmaier are not getting subbed. Garcia is your but probably just a day off.
  22. The Rays know what they are doing. Putting your fantasy team aside this lineup makes a ton of sense.
  23. Murray will be a colossal bust.
  24. Dropping Puig is an idiotic move. If you are dropping Puig you better be willing to drop Jose Ramirez who is playing worse by the way. There are plenty of players that start slow and the numbers will be there. Were you dropping Goldy at this time last season? Are you dropping Rizzo too? Making moves like that is why some players win and others look back on really stupid roster decisions in July.