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  1. Marco Gonzales 2018 Outlook

    Anyone brave enough to start him tonight? I am going to roll the dice. German is a wild card. Pitching matchup favors Seattle so I am going to see what happens.
  2. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    It is going to take an injury to Springer or Altuve for him to be recalled. If Altuve is injured Kemp can move to second. Of course it could happen. Other than that I don't see anything more than a September recall.
  3. Marcus Stroman 2018 Outlook

    A streamer against TB, BAL, CHW, KC, and DET is all he is probably good for. Maybe only at home. Blue Jays offense isn't all that great.
  4. June Closer Thread 2018

    I have a feeling Soria stays with Chicago. Has he pitched well enough that anyone would trade for him?
  5. Javier Baez 2018 Outlook

    ARod mentioned he thought it hit him in the funny bone. We all know how sensitive that is. This might be the one time I trust what a players says. He might be OK for Monday
  6. I am as big a MadBum fan as anyone and seen most of his starts over the years. For some reason he stopped throwing his cutter as much and his throwing a changeup a lot more than in the past which is his least effective pitch. As everyone knows his velo is down as well. There is definitely some concern but I wouldn't give up on him yet.
  7. Randal Grichuk 2018 Outlook

    White hot. Unlike in past years his walk rate is respectable. If he can sustain it he might be more than a hot streak.
  8. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    In most leagues I would say yes batting at top of that lineup.
  9. It is time to start paying attention to LeBlanc. Especially after last night. I doubt there are many fantasy teams that couldn't use him in their rotation. Great articles. https://www.thenewstribune.com/latest-news/article213297249.html https://www.fangraphs.com/fantasy/wade-leblanc-is-doing-everything-extremely-well-except-for-missing-bats/
  10. I am starting a new league for 2019. One NL league and one AL league so two drafts. Scoring will be combined from both leagues to determine winner. $200 entry fee. $1,200 for first, $600 for second, $400 for third, $200 for fourth Considering a points league or rotisserie league with total bases will be a category. Have not decided other categories. Open to suggestions. Weekly league. No trading.
  11. Daniel Descalso 2018 Outlook

    Echoing what others are saying. It is a mystery why he is ever out of the lineup. He must be a butcher with the glove. Maybe I do not understand the value of defense but it seems like a guy with a monster bat and a negative in the field trumps a player with a good glove and no stick.
  12. Lewis Brinson 2018 Outlook

    The plate discipline numbers scare the the heck out of me as well. It shouldn't cost much to pick him up though. If someone is on the the fence about picking him up the Marlins are at Colorado next week.
  13. It seems like a fair trade. I would probably do it. Something seems wrong with Vazquez. I know Goldy has turned it around lately but I could see a decline in performance this season due to age. This team has enough closers though so giving up Vaz wouldn't seem to hurt too much. I like Moose and he will probably be traded to a team with a better lineup BUT he also could hit at the bottom of that lineup. Overall I would do it.
  14. SP streamers for today....whir

    Tough call with Junis since he should have a lot of starts against DET, CWS, and MIN. MIN is surprisingly not that great. I would definitely lean towards Wright though. Being backed by that offense is too good to pass up.