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  1. The problem is that he doesn't really have great power or speed to rely on. Not sure what to think to be honest.
  2. I am predicting injuries are an issue in the coming seasons. These rocked up guys are always hurt,
  3. 1 pinch hit AB. Three run bomb. I wouldn't fault someone taking this beast early in the 2nd round.
  4. According to Fantrax he does. Avisail Garcia is rated higher and he doesn't even play every day.
  5. This guy has been so terrible the second half he might have some value next season. Although I am betting someone in every league won't forget his first half and pay more than he should go for.
  6. This is the guy to draft next season. There will certainly be value.
  7. It is not out of the question by the this time next season he is not even fantasy relevant.
  8. He is going to the be the AL version of Robbie Ray with less chance for wins. Meh.
  9. I am on the exact opposite side of that spectrum. I have passed on Cruz every year due to age. NO WAY I can take him a this point and be left with the "poop" bag. Back to Alvarez. It is to the point where Alvarez is going to being overvalued.
  10. So is this guy's comp now Babe Ruth? Sophomore slump has to be considered though.
  11. For myself age is not the issue. It is injuries. I wouldn't draft him in the first 5 rounds based on the injury risk.