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  1. I’m in the Cincinnati area and am looking to join or create a league with members located in the area so we could do an in person draft. Would prefer a money league to keep it competitive, but having no financial obligations would be fine too. If I’m creating a league, the size would depend on how many people are interested but preferably no more than 16 teams. ESPN would be the preferred site to use during the season. I’m open to any suggestions, just looking to find some people who love fantasy football in the Cincinnati area who have/want to start up an in person draft league. Message me or leave a comment if you have a league spot open or if you want to start up a league.
  2. I’m moving to the Cincinnati area and looking to create or join a fantasy football league that has in person drafts. Money or prize league would be preferable. ESPN also preferable as the website used for the league. If you are interested or have a spot open leave a comment or message me.