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  1. Keep Teoscar Hernandez in a trade for Jesse Winker for a Deep Keeper league in a ESPN points league Not sure I like both, with Smoak back healthy and Vlad hopefully soon back not sure I sure hang on to him or is Winker just better long term.
  2. 11th year ESPN -H2H Points Keeper League Seeking 3 active and competitive replacements! The league was created in 2009, we still have 6 original owners from year ONE. We also have 4 Owners who have joined later on and have now been in the league from the range of 4-6 yrs. Following things to know: Keeper league - 20 players from last season Draft date has not been set yet but will set as close to Opening Day as possible. The Draft will be a Snake Draft with randomized draft order Also some of the teams needing replacements definitely are in rebuild mode, but anyone who likes a challenge it's a perfect opportunity for you. The following teams below need replacements: Team 1 - this team has been very competitive since 2009 Team 2 - Team 3 - If interested in either of these teams please reply back with your email, first come first serve. Settings
  3. I'm in the first round of the playoffs in my ESPN 12 Team PPR league, plus a huge underdog. I don't envision myself winning as the last 3-4 weeks have been very depressing as it seems like all big name players that got injured I own in the league. anyway sounds crazy but should I, Start: Josh Allen over Matt Ryan? Matt Ryan has been playing dreadful for me the last 2 weeks and both TD passes were in the 4th quarter.
  4. 12 Team PPR League! Currently I'm in 2nd and most likely dropping as I watch my team crumble with injuries. I'm still going to be in the leagues 6 - Team Playoffs but I will be without Melvin Gordon and Kupp who were 2 key players on my team. Plus to top is all off I'm missing Fournette this week. The only reason I'm asking this question below is because if I can miraculously pull out a win I get a first round bye instead of dropping in the standings. Unfortunately I'm going to have start 1 of these players for flex and I'm not very fond of it. C. Ridley Tre'Quan Smith A. Jeffrey A. Miller & Free Agency, is even more depressing any help would be appreciated.
  5. 12 Team PPR league! Friends League I've received a trade offer Chubb and Ekeler/Drake/L. Miller for FOURNETTE QB: Stafford & Winston RB: Gordon, Cohen, Mack, Ito Smith - (Fournette) WR: Golladay, Kupp, John Brown, Allen Robinson, Ridley and Tre'Quan Smith TE: Ertz I'm currently sitting at a 5-2 record tied for 1st place but it's been a grind. Every week I lose players to injuries. I look at this as a possibility to get some depth and maybe potentially the last chance to trade Fournette as far as health wise . For all we know he will come back after Jacksonville's BYE week and pull his hammy again and if so there goes his Fantasy season. Plus even if he does come back healthy It's hard for me to trust him playing like a #1 RB. I think Chubb can help especially now with Hyde gone and getting Gordon's handcuff isn't a terrible approach. I could careless about Miller I actually have Foreman stashed on IR. any thoughts?
  6. Okay that's what my gut feeling was telling me. Thanks all for the feedback
  7. Trade question , (12 Team PPR League) I received this trade offer I get: Jimmy Graham, JuJu and Dalvin Cook I give up: Ertz and Golladay or Kupp I'm very hesitant to pull the trigger with the way Ertz has been producing. Kupp has been a machine and watching Golladay become relevant has been fun. For the return end I do get a solid TE considering how bad the position is, I can't complain about JuJu but obviously very concerned about Cook but upside is there. There for said my RB core is very depleted I'm left with Gordon and Cohen. I lost Fournette and now rumors are he is out until after week 10 and just lost Ajayi who really hasn't effected me that much. Again this is a 12 team league (friends league) with a 3-2 record any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!