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  1. One preseason game a season does not make. He definitely can contribute across the board but wasn't the most efficient scorer last year (FG%, 3P%, or FT%). But I guess you could say I'm just high on him in general.
  2. Points league stud. ESPN really needs to give him his SG eligibility. He's a SG first and foremost.
  3. Yeah, I'm surprised people have so easily forgotten about the Packers murders row of defenses to start this season. If you told me that Aaron Jones would finish these first 4 weeks averaging 12.7 fantasy points a game in non-PPR, I would of never believed you. If anything, he's shown me that I shouldn't be afraid to start him as an RB2/Flex during the fantasy playoffs when his match-ups get tough again because he's so electric at the goal line. (Not sure what that play-calling was Thursday) Also, when it comes to usage, Jones needs Jamaal Williams to be worked in.. That 23 carry, 4 rec game he had was cool and all, but consistent usage like that will just get him injured. Some guys are just not built for that type of workload and his first couple of years show he's one of them. People keep trying to turn it into a Jones OR Williams question, but this is a less talented version of Kamara-Ingram, they'll both be used this year. Jones is Kamara, and Williams is Ingram. People freaked out after last week because Williams got so many touches, but if you watched that game he deserved them. He was running strong in the rain, while Jones was having a little trouble finding his footing. Yet Jones still received the valuable goal line touches. I expect it to settle around a 60-40 Jones-Williams snap breakout as the year rolls on.
  4. I owned Gronk last year and it definitely felt like that's how he was used. Against strong opponents, he got his. But the majority of games he was just used as a decoy that the defense keyed in on while Brady checked down to White, used Edelman, Dorsett, etc. I feel like it's the same with Gordon. Obviously the most talented player on the offense, but used almost as a decoy that opens up things for everyone else in the Pats offense. (when Edelman is healthy) It was funny, even last week against the Dolphins when AB was still on the team, Miami shadowed JG with Xavien Howard (arguably a top 5 CB in the NFL) which opened up everything for the other receivers, including AB. I really thought that was going to work the other way around lol
  5. Second straight game with 12+ targets. One where they led almost the entire game, and one where they were playing catch up.
  6. In case we were still wondering, yes, Tyler Lockett has taken over the Doug Baldwin role. High-end WR2 ROS, with the possibility for more.
  7. Should be a weekly WR2 as he settles in the next few weeks.
  8. I hate watching the Titans play. This is how they like to play football
  9. Last week was pretty tough to watch. Wilson didn't even look his way most of his dropbacks. As a Doug Baldwin owner last year, it was very reminiscent of that to me. Difference is Baldwin was on his last legs, and Lockett is in his prime. I expect them to right the ship. I also think Seattle's defense might struggle this year, forcing Seattle to throw the rock more. Cincy shredded them through the air, and that was without their LT (who happens to be their best lineman also), A.J. Green, and Joe Mixon for a half.
  10. I was singing this guys praises in this thread last night but only had 5th waiver priority. Somehow he managed to drop to me. I. am. pumped.
  11. The 14 snaps shouldn't be an issue. Dude was hurt preseason so they are trying to ease him in and he STILL boomed week 1. Huge breakout potential.
  12. I would've liked to handcuff but Penny was taken. Carson's play style is so physical. And he doesn't just go down, he drags defenders piling on more hits to his body on the way. He got a RIDICULOUS workload both running and catching the ball, though, and I want to make sure I have this backfield locked up.
  13. Had him not just in 2018 but 2017 also. Bought into the hype. ALMOST, took a flier on him in the late rounds this year but passed. Extremely glad I did.
  14. Schefter is now reporting something completely different. Saying he could hold out til late November
  15. What bs are you even talking about? The fact I'm explaining why I also am rolling him out weekly, think his ceiling is capped, but still think he could be a WR2? You went from asking me how I think the AB acquisition is a good thing to telling me to stop the bs.....
  16. Did you even read it? Honestly.... Nowhere there did I say it was a good thing. I even said it capped his upside. My point (which I legitimately summarized in the post) is that the potential is clearly still there for a strong WR2 season. For a guy who was taken in the 7th or later, the panic in this thread confuses me. Let me know if you need me to explain more.
  17. All I'm saying is this: Gordon was on pace for 58 rec/100+ yards/6 TD's last year. This was done going up against the other teams #1 corners, after years of being out of the NFL, being traded to a completely new team and having to learn a new scheme. He's had time to learn the Pats offense, time to develop chemistry with Brady, and time to acclimate himself back to the NFL. With AB here, he now goes up against #2 corners. Is it crazy to think he maintains his efficiency? Gronk, Hogan, and Patterson being gone opens up 155 targets. Sure, the bulk of those go to AB, but Gordon with another year under his belt is going to get some of those. If he can up his receptions to 70, and keep up his efficiency, that's 70 rec/1100 yards/7-8 TD's. Those are strong WR2 numbers. Sure, the volatility will be up since the AB addition surely caps his target share, but this is a guy we were getting in the 7th round an later of drafts. Why the panic? Gordon has never been a guy who needs a ton of catches to make an impact. This year the quality of targets should be better than they've ever been for him.
  18. I don't have access to data further than 25 yards, but PFF has Brady second to only Mahomes for most accurate thrower on passes that travel further than 20 air yards the last three seasons, including the playoffs: Can speak to the personnel sets, but we have to figure a large majority of their sets will be 3-wide. Also, are we factoring in the fact that Brady and Brown have never played together? AB is one of the best to ever do it, but Gordon and Brady went through the chemistry thing last year. And at least they threw together all off-season.
  19. Actually it's pretty easy to. If you thought Gordon was going to be a WR 1, that's done. Won't get enough targets. If you thought he was going to be a WR2...... pretty easy to see that happening. Running against 1 on 1 coverage with AB on the other side, Gordon is going to bully #2 corners.
  20. Personally I think the entire offense looked like a mess for pretty much the entire game. But I put that on the quality of the Bears defense, and the lack of cohesion this team has because the starters barely played in the pre-season. He was moving well, the arm strength is still there, and I think the raw talent they had on the team last year will take the next step.
  21. The first half looked baddddd. The second normalized. He's the guy. He's definitely gotten better, but I don't think he's great in pass pro (although against the Bears WIlliams looked pretty bad in pass pro too). I think Aaron will settle in as a high-end to mid RB2 that gives you RB1 updside week-in-week out. He's still injury prone, and I don't think you want too get him many more than 200 carries this year, so they have to work in Williams. 200 carries, 50 receptions, and maintaining the high red-zone usage he had last year would be perfect. Think he could be around 1450 total yards and 10 TDs.
  22. I'd buy low on Rodgers if the owner is antsy after last night's game..... Think he's in for a big year
  23. Is anyone handcuffing with Gio? I wasn't before Rodney Anderson was hurt, because I really felt like if anything happened to Mixon, it would be a committee between those two. With Anderson out, if anything happens to Mixon you gotta assume Gio becomes the bellcow he was last year, correct?
  24. One thing you can't argue is that Williams in the 2nd is terrible value now. You'd be taking the guy in the 4th or 5th at the earliest with the uncertainty of how KC will doll out carries.
  25. Yeah I think it's great Hopkins is starting over Price. From all reports, Price hasn't looked great since coming back from his plantar fasciitis. Hopkins started the whole season in 2017 at RG and 8-10 games across the line in 2018, he's a guy with experience and it should be encouraging that Taylor is opting to start the guy who's playing the best rather than the guy who cost the most draft capital. Super pumped Michael Jordan won the LG job. Big fan of that guy, think he has a lot of potential. If tOSU didn't move him to Center (to replace Price actually) I think he would of have been a higher pick in this years draft. Between Jordan/Hopkins/John Miller/Alex Redmond/ and Price if he can get healthy, the Bengals actually have an underrated mix of players with experience and young guys with potential in the interior OL spots. Tackle is where it gets scary if Bobby Hart doesn't step up, the only back up is Andre Smith.