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  1. 10 team dynasty league that uses the main five scoring categories. Would you rather have Luis Urias or Scott Kingery? Both in the short term and long term. I only have room for one and whoever I have will be my MI spot unless I can trade for a better option.
  2. Looks like his first game back in AAA was on 7/18 and he hasn't done much of note since being there. Just 4 hits in 20 at bats but he does have a HR and SB during that time.
  3. Beuhler for the next 3 years but if this year is more important than Mikolas.
  4. That's tough, I probably wouldn't do it because I think Bryant can get more just for the name but at the end of the day I think Rendon will have better stats by the end of the year.
  5. I would also stick with whats on the waiver wire versus either of those trades.
  6. I would probably do that in a non keeper league with the two first basemen you have. I'm not sure if Goldy will improve the rest of the season but I think he's an improvement from what your two will do the rest of the year.
  7. Keeper team in signature where we keep all but 3 players at the end of the year. I'm getting Jesus Aguilar and Austin Meadows I'm giving Jake Arrieta and Zack Grienke I haven't really been following Jesus Aguilar all that much since I own no stocks in him on any team and while I like his stats do most people think his production is sustainable going forward into future years. I'm already punting this year but I'm not sure if I want to kill my pitching staff this much.
  8. Thinking about offering this trade is a dynasty where we keep everyone. I'm punting for next year and I just wanted to see what the community thought. He needs HR's to win it this year....should I just go for this or should I ask for more since I'm in last and he's in 3rd and needs the HRs that those two would get him. I would give Khris Davis JD Martinez I would get Josh Donaldson Austin Meadows Craig Kimbrel
  9. I probably would, especially in a redraft. I really do like Soroka, but I think I like him more for what I believe he'll do in the future years more so than the inconsistency he'll likely have this year.
  10. Thanks for reinforcing what I was already thinking guys!
  11. I would be giving up JD Martinez and getting Austin Meadows and Byron Buxton. This is a keeper league where we keep 30 and drop 3 right before the draft. I really liked Buxton at the beginning of the year and I really like Meadows now. Also I'm in a mini rebuild and have been shopping around JD just to see if I can put myself in a better place for next year as the hole I've dug myself this year is a bit deep. My first reaction was to the reject the trade but Buxton's potential speed made me decide to post here before declining the trade. I'd probably drop Tyler O'neill if I made this trade.
  12. I also think that Blackmon for Kershaw is an overpay. That being said I actually just saw that exact trade happen in my 10 team league today. The Kershaw owner is in 3rd and in need of some hitting so the situation could be a little different than yours depending on the other team.
  13. If I was dumping I would go for the second offer over the first.
  14. Just got offered a trade and I can't seem to make up my mind on it. It's a dynasty league where we keep every player. My league doesn't allow adding free agents until the end of May and since I was in last at that time I decided to rebuild a bit for next year. Let me know what you think, I'm still new on here but I'm pretty sure my team should be in my signature not that I just added it. I get Kershaw and Austin Meadows I give JD Martinez and Khris Davis
  15. Goldy and Bellinger side if you think they can turn it around.
  16. Even though I think Acuna's value is in keeper leagues I'd do this in a heartbeat.
  17. I'm not a huge Harper fan but I would still probably do this one. It's hard to trade away the best guy but even without your need of pitching I think it's fair.
  18. I probably would but I would have to sleep on it. While I love Altuve I think you're getting good value in additional potential keepers.
  19. With the help your rotation needs I would try to deal him. Since other owners probably know you have this need as well I wouldn't be surprised if you don't get what you want for him though.
  20. Soto for the upside then Brantley if he can stay healthy. Lastly Pham, although he could easily be the best of the three considering I don't think he has to worry about playing time and he doesn't have an injury history like Brantley.
  21. Seems like more a matter of preference and positional need. I'd lean toward the Altuve side myself.
  22. I'd have to go with the Correa/Bellinger side. Right before I saw this I almost offered a trade in the league I'm in which was my Stanton for Correa straight up, with the Bellinger upside I would do your trade in a heartbeat.
  23. 10 minutes ago!!! Been coming here for the past two years and decided I might as well start contributing something.
  24. First player I ever drafted was Brady Anderson back in 1997, a year after his 50 homerun performance. Then the next year I took over my dad's dynasty team (kept every player) and drafted Gabe Kapler with my first round pick. I've gotten a bit better with my first round picks but I still tend to draft truly disappointing players at that spot.