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  1. Nice turnout.. Good Luck all!
  2. Sitting at 52 paid entries right now.. 3 hours left to join
  3. Sent.. Pot is approaching 2K
  4. 2 more days left to get in
  5. All invites have been sent. The College Bowl Season kicks off this weekend!
  6. College Bowl Confidence Pool $40 per entry (One entry per person) Expecting 50+ entries this year Hosted on runyourpool. com Drop your email if interested.. Payouts: 1st - 60% 2nd - 25% 3rd - 10% 4th - 5% How This Works: Members will pick the winner of all 41 College Football Bowl games (straight up, not using the point spread). Members will also rank each game based on how confident they are in their pick (41 points = most confident, 1 point = least confident). Each ranking number (41 to 1) can only be used once. For Example: If you assign 41 points to your winning pick of the the first bowl game, you will not be able to assign 41 points to any other pick. You must use each number. For each game picked correctly, members receive the number of points they have assigned to that pick. The winners of this pool will be determined by the most total points at the end of the College Bowl Season. Pick Deadline: Bowl Games will lock at their individual start time. All members can change any future picks and confidence point values as long as the game has not started. All picks will be hidden till that specific bowl game starts. Members will then be able to view everyone’s pick for that game and how many points they have assigned to that pick. Message me if you have any questions.

    49 entries so far..
  8. If you have competed in a Survivor Pool this season, I'm sure at least 80% of your pool is already eliminated through 3 weeks. 83% of the 90 members in our original survivor pool have already been eliminated so we are starting a revival pool that begins week 4 while the last 15 members battle it out in the original one. The deadline to join this one is Sunday, September 30th at 1 PM ET. It is on the same site as our original pool, $20 Entry - Winner Takes All NO RE-BUYS I've sent an email out last night to all participants in the first survivor pool and we already have 36 members signed into the revival pool. We should easily pass 50 members by Sunday. If you're interested, comment your email below. If you are unsure what a survivor pool is.. You pick one team each week to win. If they win you move on, if they lose or tie, you are eliminated. The last member standing wins. You can only pick each team once throughout the season so when you pick a team, that team will be locked and unavailable to pick in future weeks. The weekly pick deadline is every Sunday at 1 PM ET, unless of course you pick the Thursday Night game. If you don't enter a pick by the weekly deadline, you will be eliminated. All picks will be shown to all members on Sunday's after 1 PM ET. If anyone picks the Thursday Night game, those pick(s) will be shown when that game kicks off.
  9. I’ll be available till about noon ET to send out any last minute invites.. For Survivor, 93 members are signed in and 80 of those have sent payment so far
  10. You can still join Survivor till tomorrow afternoon