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  1. YOU CAN STILL JOIN ANY OF THESE POOLS BY SUNDAY AT 1 PM ET... All of the information and invite links for each pool are in the google docs. You are on an even playing field in the Survivor and Fantasy pools given that the you can still enter your picks/entries by Sunday at 1 PM ET for the Fantasy and can pick from any game that hasn't started yet for Survivor. Now if you join the Confidence Pick'EM, you will have lost out on the Thursday Night game. So you will be assigned Bears (loss), but only for 1 confidence point, which is the lowest and doesn't really impact your week/season. Message me if you have any questions!!! Current Pots Survivor: $2,100 Current Confidence Pick'EM: 66 Entries (27 chances to at least get your entry fee back with weekly, quarterly, and season long payouts). Fantasy: $1,575 $25 NFL Survivor Pool (One entry allowed per person) $75 NFL Confidence Pick’EM (One-time fee) $25 NFL Fantasy Pool (One-time fee) – Allowed up to 3 entries ($25 per entry) Good Luck in all your pools and fantasy leagues this NFL Season!!!
  2. You still have till Sunday at 1 PM ET to join the Survivor and Fantasy pools. You can also join the Confidence Pick’EM, but you will be automatically be given the Bears with only 1 confidence point used for yesterday’s game so it doesn’t really impact your week/season.
  3. As of now Survivor: 95 entries Confidence Pick’EM: 62 entries NFL Fantasy: 52 entries
  4. Last wave of members seem to be signing in. Survivor Pot will be over 2K. Shooting for 75-80 entries for the Confidence Pick’EM and 55-60 entries for the Fantasy Pool.