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  1. All the position flexibility does is make sure I get his 0-4s in my lineup every day.
  2. I would argue that the 24 games so far this year is also a small sample size. No need to be condescending to make a point, btw. It’s just an honest discussion of valuation of a hot player, which can be tough to gauge.
  3. He will be a classic post hype sleeper I tend to love.
  4. .115/.193/.192 slash line with 1 HR and 28% K rate in 15 games last postseason. We we can pretend like that didn’t happen, but it did. Honest question. What will his value be if goes through a stretch like that the next 15 games? Not saying it will but that is the argument for cashing out. Suddenly the conventional won’t be that he is a superstar breakout, but that he is a very streaky hitter. Personally I think it is more the former, the main reason I’ve been holding him. But it’s important to consider the range of outcomes.
  5. Exactly. The question is how much this hot streak changes his value. I’m just being honest when I say it’s a difficult question. For me it’s hard to forget his cold streaks when he looks completely lost at the plate, the most recent just being the last post season. FWIW, the projection systems have adjusted since preseason and now project 30-35 more HR and 10-12 more steals with .270 average. That’s a pretty good bump. I definitely wouldn’t sell for less than first round value, but I also think it is reasonable strategy to look at his up and down track record and cash out on this hot streak.
  6. 40% HR/FB isn’t going to last and either is near .400 BABIP. The plate discipline is the most encouraging development, You’re getting rarified top 5 value right now. I’m no longer in the sell camp, but I will say that his value has obviously never be higher and I worry how much his value will drop if he hits one of his severe K driven slumps we’ve seen every year (albeit mostly in the playoffs).
  7. I don’t think Rodgers will be a factor this year. I think they want him to have another year of development and I think they want to give McMahon and Hampson a chance. I do think with his performance Hampson will be in the utility role he was in to start the year when Murphy comes back. He will be droppable in non dynasty leagues.
  8. Playing third tonight as Arenado takes a breather.
  9. No bone or ligament or internal organ injury is good news. Soft tissue injury will heal quickly.
  10. Lots to like, but I’m valuing him in the SP 35-45 range in trades, if only because of the lack of track record. Maybe we get a top 20 year out of him but the range of possibilities also includes encountering some growing pains and take a step back.
  11. Contusion best possible news. Should be back in the minimum I’d guess.
  12. Local Philly story says he expects to play today but I will be surprised if he doesn’t take a day or two off at least. You don’t leave a game with like that and not miss time.
  13. Javy Baez 0-3 with 3 Ks and 6 LOB against a pitcher who was really struggling. Could have had a big day,
  14. Kelly only had 3 walks all year before this one. WHIP went from 1.05 to 1.456 in one game.
  15. 13 baserunners (7 walks) for Kelly in 3 2/3. Ugh.