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  1. For me the trust level plummets between say the late 30s to late 40s. Assuming I pass on the top pitchers like I usually do, I'll need to keep that drop off in mind and maybe spend an extra pick or two on a pitcher in the mid rounds when they are all going.
  2. .475 BABIP and 59% LOB% will turn a 3.20 FIP/3.48 xFIP into a 7.13 ERA Elite prospect pedigree with slow career start with numbers to suggest he was unlucky... sign me up for the discount next year!
  3. So he's sitting at 48.1 IP. Hoping he doesn't surpass rookie limits this year in the last 5 days so I can keep him as a prospect in a keeper league.
  4. 34th ADP in the 6 "2early" mocks and went 32, 34, 34, 35, 35, and 47 in those six mocks. So late mid to late third in 5, slipped to late fourth in one. If you want him will probably have to spend a 3rd rounder at this point.
  5. Slash line identical to 2017. Feel like a bounceback is coming for sure. Too young and too talented. But how much of a bounce back?
  6. He’s been great in Sept. productive across the board. It sure how to value him for next year but as far as 2019 fantasy playoffs he’s been a strong play.
  7. Good start last night. 7IP, 2ER, 5H, 2BB and 7Ks. 15th win of the year (#7) and 16th quality start (#22). 12th in IP. I've held him all year and been satisfied. A durable, boring innings eater in fantasy, but a useful guy to keep most of the year as one of your last SPs. Downgrade in k/9 leagues though and the increase in BB rate is a concern. But I will probably look to grab him in the later rounds again next year.
  8. Flaherty. You already have at least 5 solid starts with your others. I'd play it safe.
  9. Very league/ standings context dependent. Anderson is a K/9 and ratios machine right now. I value him highly and would look elsewhere in a vacuum. But you make moves right now that help you win and I could see a situation where it would make sense.
  10. Can only keep one FA pickup during the year for next season in a contract league. Gallen or JD Davis?
  11. Should end up with .300, 35 HR, 90- 100 R and RBI. A significant step back from last year's monster numbers, but still a nice power/avg source, which don't grow on trees. i get some trepidation that skills are in decline, but still in a great lineup and ball park. I'm not discounting too much in my mind.
  12. Fangraphs article on Davis: Some risk/ lack of track record but in rebuilding dynasty he's a no-brainer add. In contending dynasty and redraft might as well ride the wave out at a minimum if you have a 1b or OF need. This feels like a 2nd half breakout.
  13. [...] .327/,346/.713 last 30 days with 8 HR and 5 SB over 101 ABs with 18 R and 25 RBIs. Depending on scoring system, as high as #1 hitter over that time.