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  1. His PT outlook is better than most of the recent call ups. Especially in leagues with shallow benches, it can be tough rostering call ups getting part time work, or who get sent back down when someone gets healthy. Like others a broad range of outcomes, but having that longer leash and a more secure PT and lineup outlook is valuable when speculating on call ups.
  2. Yeah, he's looking impressive. A lot of high profile call ups last several days, but he's an intriguing under the radar target. Seems totally in control at the plate. Two opposite field doubles were nice, but working a walk in the sixth laying off some high and a little outside bait pitches showed his good eye. Hitting in the 2 spot between Whit and Mondesi iis going to give him a lot of run potential and will get some SBs. Not sure he will hit for power early in his career. But seems to have an every day role hitting in a deceptively good lineup.
  3. Hitting as DH today against a RHP. Gutierriez also starting at 3B. Whit at CF. Hamilton hits the bench. Still early, but with Lopez up, looks like they are going to move Whit around all over the field. Also looks like they are going to keep giving relatively consistent ABs for Gutierrez at third. Dozier will probably move between 3B, DH and 1B.
  4. Yeah didn’t look comfortable last night. It was then Dodgers but not a smooth performance.
  5. Plenty of examples of managers making head scratching lineup decisions. Remember we're talking about Ned "I'm going to bat Alcides Escobar first" Yost, lol. But even if he doesn't lose ABs, worth for fantasy owners to note his career struggles versus lefties.
  6. I'm not arguing as to whether it is a good idea or not, I'm just giving support as to why I'm worried about reduced ABs for Dozier. The obvious place where ABs that could come from in the Royals lineup is Owings' . He's gotten fairly regular ABs as a utility. If they instead take his ABs away and utilize Merrifield's flexibility as more of an everyday utility instead, Dozier might not be impacted too much.
  7. I'm not as confident. Sure most games, Merrifield to RF, Soler to full time DH, Dozier back to mostly 3B, Guterriez to bench. But they like Guterriez and want to still get him some ABs, and 3B is really his only position. The other part of this is that Dozier has pretty pronounced reverse splits in his career and not any better in his breakout year- .204/.324/.289 slash line with .086 ISO career, .212/. 366/.303 this year with .091 ISO. He has only 1 HR in 152 ABs against lefties in his career. He basically has shown no power versus lefties. Looking at those numbers, I can see why there was some conjecture of a platoon, if they really do want to get Guterriez some ABs.
  8. Not a direct PT loss, but indirect with more bodies; the athletic article suggested Dozier/ Gutteriez in a platoon at 3B with Lopez in the mix.
  9. I have no idea about Riley, but with the more downs than ups of the recently called up highly touted prospects, seems like the under is the way to go on most of these bets.
  10. Hampson getting sent down on the surface seemed like good news for PT, but still sitting against lefties, and the Rockies have been facing a ton. Looks like another frustrating Rockies tease. I guess the moral of the story is that he's not Story.
  11. Still lots to like, but some regression and potential AB loss with Nicky Lopez in the picture make me a little nervous.
  12. Not sure how Hiura domino effect will decrease ABs but since late April 29 has been hitting .368/.490/.658. Has been out of lineup 4 of 16 games. So has been productive enough for fantasy owners over last 2 1/2 weeks.
  13. Worst part is he passed rookie limits in his last game, so in leagues with minors slots defined by rookie limits, can't be stored in a minors slot. I actually moved onto Nicky Lopez in a couple of leagues. He has a similar skill set to Hampson (albeit less SB potential). Maybe he'll take advantage of his opportunity.
  14. Updated steamer projections have him very similar- .273 5 HR and 11 SBs in 387 ABs along with 41 R 37 RBIs. Useful baseline in deep leagues, but less so in shallower leagues. Key is if he continues to develop power like he has the last year. If he does with his contact ability and decent speed could have a high fantasy ceiling.
  15. German, Soroka, Strahm, Woodruff.
  16. Breaking all the rules, I started Holland in Co coming off an IL stint. hth, and I've already lost ERA and WHIP so figured might as well go for ks and possible random win. Had to know that wouldn't end well...
  17. Yeah, I agree with that summary. He's a high risk- high reward player.
  18. I still think he is useful in a lot of leagues. But I dropped him nonetheless in a shallow league last week. Just have so many roster slots and this is the kind of guy to drop for someone with upside.
  19. I'd do that trade. Mize is looking awesome. And Corbin is underrated right now. Plus with the Sale risk. Two weeks ago, that trade would have been a steal.
  20. I would trade Moustakas for Flaherty.