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  1. I'm in dynasty & after this latest UD I've dropped. I've already used up my DL spots with other big name injuries (severino). I'm in a dynasty & I thought he wasn't worth the hold anymore. Back issues are far too risky. After multiple setbacks the red flags have to be going off everywhere for this guy. I usually give benefit of doubt, but this is the third time it's happened, so I cut bait and moved on. Best case scenario I pick up a young(ish) arm off waivers to sustain throughout the ROS. Worst case I have an open spot to stream 2-start SP's. Either way both of those outweigh holding the spot for Wood.
  2. Disagree... He had speed for a big, as evidence to some of his 17-18 highlights where he could straight up burn defenders: What made him top-30 value was this coupled with his ability to shoot the 3 ball. He could essentially park up behind the arc, put it on the floor, burn the defender coming at him en route to an easy bucket. So the question remains: a) has anyone (GS Fans?) watched complete games and seen this ability? (i.e. is it not shown on highlight clips & therefore the ceiling could be top--30) or B.) are we looking at a ceiling of 50-75th overall value? Pretty important distinction if we're looking to buy in on him, since the media has created a hype train. I'm in a keeper league so the risk is compounded: I'd need to cough up some good young players right now for him.
  3. From the clips I've watched these past games, he seems super slow. Is that just me? Speed is the gauge for whether he's back. Yes Boogie has the shot & passing skills but what set him apart from other bigs he was simply explosive in the paint. I don't see that right now, and that's what people said the major concern for reaching top-30 fantasy value again. With his shooting & passing his ceiling would be around the top-50 game IMO. With the speed, he could be top-30. Fantasy BBall is all about assessing value - I really want to know what the outlook would be here with the actually skillset we see on the floor right now. Do these clips not show his explosiveness? or is that element not there (i.e red flags still up)?
  4. When both brothers defected, this was the one with a super-high ceiling (also obviously younger). His bad season last year because there was a leg injury aggravating him throughout the year. Couldn't make the adjust met. Here's a writeup from Sportsnet: “For most (Cuban) guys there is some sort of transition period and that first year is quite different from anything they’ve experienced in terms of the culture, the baseball schedule in the States versus Cuba, the everyday nature of it, never mind everything else,” says Cherington. “What really impressed us this year is the work ethic, the attention to detail, his accountability. I remember when he started to play in Dunedin after the hamstring injuries, he had a tough day at shortstop and I happened to be there with Gil Kim and we were in the manager’s office around noon for a 7 o’clock game. Someone walked by the office and said, ‘Hey, do you know what Gurriel is doing right now?’ And he was like, ‘No.’ We walked outside and Gurriel was out there by himself with a bucket of balls and was working on double-play turns by himself just because he had acknowledged the night before was a tough night and he wanted to do something about it. That’s a small story that reflects some of who this guy is. He really cares about getting better. “By the end of the year he was making much more consistent plays, but also more highlight reel plays in New Hampshire both at second and short. Really encouraged about the defensive development, really encouraged by who he is as a person and now it’s just at-bats. This guy has a history of hitting.” As a Jays fan, I'd personally rather have him as everyday 2B than the uber-unreliable Devon Travis right now, but sadly that won't happen. Ride Gurriel while he's hot (he'll be sent down) - but monitor him throughout the year. If Travis goes down for a while or is traded, Gurriel is a must-add. He'll hit for AVG and get you runs with low K's. Don't expect SB's though (he'll only nab you a handful of those) 2019 though - I don't see Devon Travis being here. That's when Gurriel will become truly fantasy relevant.