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  1. I'm in the same boat with the extra slap to the face with my opponent having Gardner🤨
  2. With a win and I'm in scenario Buehler, Yarbrough, and Hendrick's have their 2nd starts this week pushed to next week.
  3. Good God, score a few runs for Degrom.
  4. DTD, Apparently told Hinch he had trouble loosening up before the game.
  5. Hit in the leg by a comebacker from Bell. Could be just cautionary.
  6. Per Josh Tolentino of The Athletic. Glasnow suffered a setback and will be shut down for 3 weeks after an MRI revealed right flexor inflammation.
  7. Yeah, nothing official but he walked off the mound with his index finger extended.
  8. 13 HR's in the Zona/Philly game is that a record for a 9 inning game?
  9. Brantley and Bellinger on the bench😪
  10. According to Dan Hayes of The Athletic Cruz has battling soreness in the wrist for a while now, just been playing through the nagging injury. He ices the wrist after games.
  11. Haniger had hot and cold stretches last season so I'm not concerned. Depending on someone's individual situation it may or may not be an issue. I carry an extra outfielder so I switch him out when it makes sense.
  12. Xrays were negative on his right hand. Considered DTD
  13. J.D. Martinez is a scratch with back spasms.