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  1. Rodgers/Fournette for Gurley?

    Fwiw I was offered by another owner Brown/Hunt for Gurley... Must have caught wind of this offer and figured he was up for bid Does this offer blow you away?
  2. Howard for DJ? whir

    First I'm hearing of the DJ injury... seems to be ok, just "limited" DJ for Howard is a no brainer imo... Don't think I have any interest in Henry in a PPR.. adding Golladay doesn't move the needle any either... I'd stand pat personally... but if you really want to take a run at DJ... Try Howard and any of your bench guys (minus Michel) Cheers
  3. Rodgers/Fournette for Gurley?

    Is it the injuries that make it a hard pass?
  4. 10tm, 0.5ppr, keep 3 league Was offered Rodgers and Fournette for Gurley... Yay or nay?? Current roster: QB: Mariota RB: Gurley RB: Lewis WR: J. Jones WR: K. Allen WR: Baldwin TE: Reed FLEX: J. Williams Bench: Yeldon, Penny, Michel, Shepard, M. Williams, Ingram, J. Kelly Top WW QBs available: Taylor, Goff, Prescott, Carr, Fitz, Keenum, Dalton..
  5. help with ESRN Fantasy

    Contact ESPN support... in my experience they will respond and try to help
  6. 2018 Sleepers

    Treadwell - Drafted as a 1st round talent - Mike Clay had him as his 2nd overall rookie in dynasty Dorsett - Drafted as a 1st round talent - Same size/speed as Cooks (literally) - Cooks is gone now... Edelman suspended TOTAL fliers, I know.. but what are post hype sleepers?? Both these guys had "hype"... now they are left for dead... Maybe most standard leagues (shallow benches) can't find room for them, but just sayin... I wouldn't write them off just yet..
  7. 2018 Sleepers

    Dixon Prosise Treadwell Dorsett
  8. H2H Cats w OPS Been offered Torres for Bellinger Keep 10, forever league My current keepers: Harper Betts Benintendi Bregman Freeman Goldschmidt Machado Bellinger (now Torres?) Then 2 pitchers ... I have good options but doesn't matter for this trade eval Yay or nay? Torres a long term 2B? That would fill out my positions nicely ... and I already have two 1B... so would be a nice fit to do this trade I think...
  9. Need help: Trout trade!

    Update... new offer is just: Freeman/Benintendi for Trout ??
  10. Maybe I missed it... How many teams in the league?
  11. Need help: Trout trade!

    Thanks for the replies guys - I guess the allure of owning Trout, Harper, Betts & Eloy in my OF in dynasty has me starry eyed... But yeah, my gut feeling was it was too much - He really wants Freddy... He's kind of the deal breaker though -
  12. Need help: Trout trade!

    I guess the other option would be to pass... as in, keep what I have... Not sure I even need him?
  13. Need help: Trout trade!

    I'm struggling with this trade... Need some fresh perspectives My Benintendi/ Freeman / Bregman for His Trout / Torres H2H Cats w/ OPS Keeper league, 10 players, indefinitely Current lineup (relevence) 1B - Goldy 3B - Bregman SS - Machado CI - Freeman OF - Harper OF - Betts OF - Benintendi OF - Bellinger Bench - E. Jimenez Last year I also kept Stras and Carrasco fwiw Go get Trout given my current assets? Or is it too much? Also, Bregman > Torres right? Like let's say over next 2-3 yrs Thanks!!