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  1. Seeking a league where the winner's charity of choice is paid the prize money. Open to format but prefer Roto. Have seen FF leagues like this and wondering if the same exists for FB? Ken
  2. This is a great explanation. Thank you JPUGF. The value relative to the position did not occur to me. It seemed Rotoworld meant he would steal fewer bases and I didn't process that line of thinking.
  3. Myers OKs move to OF if Padres land Hosmer "Heyman reports that Myers was recently called by the Padres, and he didn't hesitate in stating his willingness to move to the outfield. San Diego has been one of the few teams that have been mentioned as suitors for Hosmer early on, and this seems to confirm their seriousness in his pursuit. The move could hurt Myers fantasy value, as his stolen base value decreases substantially if he's playing in the outfield." I'll probably feel dumb when I hear the response, but why does a move to the outfield impact Myers stealing bases?