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  1. Barnes wasn't picked yet @Slatykamora ur up
  2. In theory it gives the smaller market teams a better chance to compete, I don't know how well it works in reality.
  3. It's not so much about how much money they make, it's about the luxury tax penalties like @The Big Bat Theory pointed out above.
  4. Depends on what the contract is. I wouldn't give either a 10 year deal and WAR doesn't take character into account, I said after the playoffs Manny cost himself a lot of money with his lack of effort. It's not economically responsible to give 10 year deals anymore.
  5. I think questions about his character are coming into play here, maybe teams don't value him as much as we thought they would, I think he's worth 30 million for the next 5 years but the market seems to think otherwise
  6. The tax helps in 2 ways, so that the big money teams don't always get all the best players and to control spending by out of control owners. They were their own worst enemy when it came to signing players.
  7. They didn't win because of either of those two guys . Price had a bigger role than Porcello but they weren't the driving force behind them winning it was the offense and the bullpen
  8. now reports are 7 years at $250 million, I think that's a great deal for Machado that's more than $35 million per year, I wouldn't give him that much, if that's the deal he should take it.
  9. I think they could have won without Price but not JD, they won the division easily and never went more than 5 games in any series, the JD contract isn't that long, 5 years but there outs after years 2 and 3.
  10. Machado's deal is being reported at 8 years around $200 million which is much less than what he's asking for, I think the questions about his character are hurting him, so much for the bidding war he and Harper were supposed to attract, teams aren't willing to go 10 years on anybody, regardless of how good they are. Welcome to the new world of smart front offices and wasteful spending in baseball