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  1. Just one of the many reasons
  2. He won't play for the Jays this year, has still yet to play in AAA, this is a management team that coddles their prospects
  3. I disagree they were in the playoff hunt all year and got in, how long were they supposed to have a hole in the line up to let a kid find his way? They should have just sent him down, that I agree with you on and let him figure it out there not in the bigs with a playoff team.
  4. If he was playing bad, yes it would matter because his MLB numbers haven't been good, it bodes well for him at this point but is mostly facing minor league pitchers. I want to see it from him against major league pitching, his track record is not very good at all
  5. I wouldn't count on him having that productive a season, he has to run at some point and that's when he will get hurt like he did the last 2 years, he has a very strange gait, they won't get rid of Camargo or Swanson, I even think Camargo ends up playing more than JD this year because of injury
  6. Barnes got shelled today, 4 hits 3 runs 1k in 1IP
  7. I take stats in the Cactus league with a grain of salt, It's almost like hitting in Coors or where the Dbacks play except WITHOUT the humidor and every spring training game they play in some band box in the Cactus league, no road games
  8. Softest athletes in the world, this league is a joke, I've never seen guys sit out so many games in any other sport, hell even in the NFL and NHL where the sport is much more physical guys play games even if their team is out of the playoffs, they even play the meaningless games. In the NBA as salaries go up, playing time goes down, it's laughable.
  9. He's pitching really well 3 Ip 3 hits and 6 k's today
  10. Me too, I hope they don't resign Kimbrel
  11. If it's the lat, forget this year that injury did in Thor and Reyes
  12. Is Melancon out as the Giants closer? Is the job Smith's to lose?
  13. The Dbacks will be garbage, I see him as a one cat guy, If you're in a win league, he won't get many and if you're in a QS league I doubt he gets many of those because they won't score many runs and will be behind after 5 innings and he will be pinch hit for
  14. That's the player I'm really high on
  15. I think they can get both now, Harper's deal is only 25per, so why not?
  16. He didn't fair so well in his latest outing 1IP 3 hits 2 er 0k's
  17. Atkins was on local radio today and said he doesn't see Vlady as a major league player right now that he does a lot of work to do. He better be up in late April or the fans will revolt, at this point the team is almost unwatchable
  18. He plays in a tough park for hitters, maybe he puts it together this year
  19. Worst ballpark for hitters especially left handed hitters