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  1. He's going to join Trout and Yelich on the bench for the playoffs
  2. He keeps getting scratched, I think he's done for the year,as are the Angels
  3. Reminds of what Charles Haley went through in a way, could be bi-polar, If I was a team I wouldn't touch him with a 10 foot pole. He's going to want big money and with the way he is now, I doubt anyone goes down that road
  4. I think the leg injury is worse than we know, if it is the same injury as Durant has and he plays in week 1 and blows out his Achillies then he's done anyway. He might have saved himself a gruesome injury and another year of rehab, I don't blame him
  5. There's only 5 weeks left in the season, he ain't coming back this year
  6. Love this guy but his next 2 starts are against the Braves and Yankees, I might sit him against the Braves, not pitching him against the Yanks
  7. Dyson should never close, doesn't have the mental make up for it, sucked in Texas, couldn't get the job done in SF when Melancon got injured and today lost a game the Twins had no business in losing
  8. This kid will probably be tough to own in the future. he seems to have health/injury issues on a regular basis
  9. Kid's made of glass, out again today
  10. I would love to see teams miss the playoffs because they sat their best players against a team they should have beat, maybe they can field a "scab" team for 2 weeks, do they just bring up the practice squad guys for 2 games, if you are a season ticket holder and your team decides to sit out its stars for 2 home games because they think they can win anyway, how angry would you be?. Load Management has reached a new low.This is a stupid idea
  11. I agree no fantasy team has won anything by taking him in the first rd, he's a stolen base cat guy who hits for a pretty good average, he will win you one cat whereas the other first rd guys provide much more in all the other cats as well
  12. Gets injured every year and not just for a short period of time, How much of a better hitter is he than Mondesi, Story or Tatis, all SS, they all steal as well and in the case of Story and Tatis they have much more power
  13. Trea Turner is not a 1st rd pick in my eyes
  14. Ok his swing strike rate is high, in every other cat he's a JAG
  15. It's a keeper league so I won't dump him, he might get better but I doubt it
  16. I will give him a chance against a team that isn't very good, if he can't pitch well then he stays on the bench the rest of the year, his next to starts are against Texas and the Yanks, his ERA could be 7 by then
  17. One year wonder, I'm not starting him until after the all-star break
  18. JAG, he sucks, same thing happened to him as Luke Weaver, decent half year and bust city the next
  19. He reminds me of Thor, great stuff, more of a thrower than a pitcher
  20. Either the toe injury is bothering him or he was a one year wonder
  21. Lowe sitting again for Tampa, one of there best hitters on the pine 2 days in a row
  22. He walks too many guys which gets him in trouble, because he's not that good anyway. This i reminds me of Luke Weaver all over again, has a good half year when he comes up then the next year with big expectations he can't get it done
  23. Why would they bring him up to be a reliever, they have enough of those, they only have 2 starters right now, they could really use another one