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  1. Still looking for one more. Draft starts tomorrow. Need to be paid up to draft
  2. need 1 more to replace an owner. Slow Auction draft to start Monday. If you can pay over the weekend, would love to have you. email me for more info. rdingram2112@gmail.com
  3. Looking to join a dynasty format. Preferably $100 or less. Shoot me details
  4. A few others have expressed their interest in joining. Once the league fills and pays we can start the slow draft process! Let me know if you want an invite!
  5. Link to the constitution. Hope you hear from you guys. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KwlFzJBFTw5TA273d-9xX6bLIMOz1b2Eo_huks6fK5g/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Starting a salary dynasty league on Fantrax. $75 entry. 20 teams. H2H points. If you are interested email me or PM me and I can send you the constitution! Rdingram2112@gmail.com
  7. Hello all, creating an ESPN keeper league drafting this Saturday around 7pm Eastern $100 keep 3 players, 5% increase on the players salaries. Keep the player for 3 years. If you claim a player off waivers and choose to keep him, whatever you claimed him for will be his salary. All league dues and payouts will be on leaguesafe. Looking to do 800/300/100 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Scoring is Runs/HR/SB/RBI/OBP, K/WHIP/ERA/SV+HD/QS Daily roster moves. FAAB waiver system. comment if you want to see full league settings or are interested in joining. Thank you!
  8. Looking for an auction draft tonight. Entry fee around 75-100 or so. Let me know
  9. Send invite. Would like to see it at least be a 12 teamer. Me and my buddy will be co managing. we will send invites to our other leagues trying to find owners Rdingram2112@gmail.com mooreaaron63@gmail.com
  10. Interested please email details. Thank you rdingram2112@gmail.com
  11. Hello all, i am creating a league going into the inaugural season of what is hoping to be a long standing league for years to come. Looking for active owners who are competitive. Numbers of Roster Spots: 26 (21 active, 5 bench) C, 1b, 2b, SS, 3b, 4 OF, 1 CI, 1 MI, 1 UT, 9 pitchers, 5 bench. Categories: OBP, R, HR, SB, RBI, QS, K, ERA, WHIP, SV+H Draft day: Feb 23, 1:00pm Eastern Daily moves Innings min: 1000 (111 innings per pitcher average) Plate App Min: 5500 (483 PA per hitter average) Prize Pot: 100x14=$1,400 6 kickers for 3 pitching and 3 hitting categories randomly selected before draft. Leader in each category at the end of each month receives $50. These kickers will take place for the given month. So a winner for the month of June would have won the category between June 1st and June 30th. 1st - $600 2nd - $400 3rd - $100 Kickers - $300 We will use Fantrax for the payments. Expect to pay $100 + fantrax premium fee ($5.71) Looking to create a GroupMe as a hub for all communication within the league. Email me if you are interested rdingram2112@gmail.com