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  1. This dude has Pringle’s for finger nails.
  2. Trying to decide on my final spot keeper spot. Carpenter has 2B eligibility, but I'm already holding Baez and Seager (Arenado at 3B). We have a MI position, so there's some value there. Gut says Votto... head says Carp.
  3. Agreed... this is a really good lineup around him.
  4. The Rays broadcast said that Kevin Cash was planning on ramping his pitch count back up via innings. He pitched 4 innings last outing and 5 this outing, they were trying to limit his “ups and downs” they said rather than stick to a hard pitch count. Take it for what’s its worth I guess. He was absolutely cruising.
  5. Rays broadcast talking about it being more about his innings. He pitched 4 innings last time out and then 5 this time.
  6. Assuming this is redraft? You’re long at 1B and RP, but you already said they are important. As long as Aguilar is hitting, hard to take him out of the lineup which means either he or Rizzo is locked in at Util. If you have to have Cano and aren’t willing to part with one of those RP...I would say Tucker. If it’s 10 team and owners are hoarding RP, I would have to imagine there’s decent options on the wire at OF.
  7. 12 team dynasty...keep forever. trade Syndergaard for Benintendi? Shallow at OF and deep at SP (Nola, Snell, Bum)...owner is asking for my Noah.
  8. Agreed, the lack of k's certainly hurts his value... that and his short outings. With those two things hindering him, name value is the only thing truly keeping people from jumping ship.
  9. His swinging strike rate is down which is still concerning. But his outing against Washington wasn’t that bad... 74 pitches; 5 INN, 4 H, 2 ER, 2 BB and 2 K. Kapler lifted him for a PH in the bottom of the 5th inning. Lack of strikeouts is concerning, hard to tell if he is pitching to contact or if he isn’t getting the same kind of movement. His start against Pittsburgh in April was really strong, 10 k’s but since them it’s been a whole lot of “meh”
  10. Honestly, he has looked pretty good lately. I count 12 swinging strikes so far today.
  11. Giants have Melancon up in the pen.