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  1. Create your own post you numbskull.
  2. It seems like most people that post about auction prices seem to underestimate the amount that they think players will cost. The top tiers in hitting and especially SP make it pretty much impossible to get those studs without paying more than you expect.
  3. He is BEYOND Trout when healthy.
  4. 13 team mixed....5x5...8 keepers...300 budget I paid $84.
  5. Does anyone know why the 2002 Fantasy Baseball season does not appear in the archives on Yahoo? My league has the results for every year from 2001- present, but 2002 is missing. it has been missing for years.
  6. Agreed. and I would not be shocked if Goldy ran less this year.
  7. I got Cobb for $4 in my 13 team mixed. Meh. I am not real thrilled with him as he hasn't shown much in ST, has he?
  8. But saying 5 years ONLY, seems to imply that you believe it is something to hold against him. or am i wrong? A dozen times? Why would anyone think that?
  9. Uh, that's 5 out of the last 7 and in one of those years he threw 198. Last year was the only year he had a real issue. 225 IP 267 K 23 Wins 1.89 ERA 0.81 WHIP
  10. Why? Of course make the deal. The advantage of Kershaw is more than Rendon will provide over anyone you that you can pick up.
  11. Offense looks solid, but in order to compete for the title Buxton and Mazara have to have good seasons and I'm not sure about either one of them doing that. Your SP is OK, but not having a top stud may make it difficult. And only 1 sure closer (maybe 2 with Bedrosian) isn't ideal. I guess you will have to play WW closer roulette. Good luck.
  12. Need to know how many teams before commenting.
  13. Translation if possible?????
  14. I know. It seems like in this technologically advanced day and age he could have had the results much sooner. Unless swelling of some sort needs to subside before an accurate reading can take place.
  15. Does he have a starting role yet?