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  1. That makes no sense in this debate. He is an asset. To say that that he isn't based on some philosophical argument about our freedom as Americans is ridiculous in this case. If you can't reason that, then that's on you. I'm done. Your argument belongs on the Philosophy 101 Message Board.
  2. All of you are forgetting a big-time rule in MLB. Managers are prone to do anything, no matter how stupid it appears to everyone else.
  3. Yeah. That 0.44 ERA he had was certainly sustainable.
  4. Stop Clarence Darrow. Just stop.
  5. 2.
  6. You have to be trolling, right? If not, this might be the dumbest post of the century. Madbum is a multi-million dollar asset to his employer and can't be replaced by ANYONE. You or I could be replaced tomorrow without our employers missing a beat.
  7. I have no desire to read the entire thread. And that still doesn't excuse poor grammar.
  8. Scheduled to go those days.
  9. I think VV is worth it. Matz not so much because of the injuries and the Mets medical staff.
  10. If you meant that all 3 will be the OF's then you should have typed Dyson, Haniger and Motter in the OF. What you typed says that Dyson and Haniger will split duties and Motter will be playing full time.
  11. So are you saying the Motter will be staring over Dyson or Haniger on a regular basis? Doubt that very much.
  12. Will Drury even start? Dude has been lame thus far.
  13. League rules created this situation. Change the league rules, live with the rules or quit the league.
  14. I disagree with all of you with the caveat that Britton is healthy. I would trade any of those for basically the #1 closer in MLB. But...not right now as he isn't healthy. BTW I would trade Maeda for him like yesterday.