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  1. Perhaps a picked a bad day to bring him up (with his spring outing today), but the buzz on Glover had reminded me to look into Zack Burdi. He's been talked about having "closer stuff" and with the White Sox looking to move Robertson, could he eventually find himself in the closer role this season?
  2. This is the tweet it was referencing Good time to sell high?
  3. I believe RosterResource will give you what you're looking for.
  4. Thoughts on Chris Devenski? 344 ADP (via Fantasypros) 108.1 IP 2.16 ERA 0.91 WHIP 8.64 K/9 Without the at-BOS game: 106.1 IP 1.70 ERA 0.87 WHIP 8.74 K/9 Finished 6th in SwStr% (13.5%) among pitchers with minimum 100IP Comparing him to Raisel Iglesias, ADP 188 78.1 IP 2.53 ERA 1.14 WHIP 9.54 K/9 11.6% SwStr% The basic peripherals were there last year all while throwing more innings than Raisel. Quick news search suggests Red's likely to keep closer committee. Even if he is the full time closer, I don't think the Reds will be winning a lot of games in the near future anyways. I'm assuming the ADP is tied to the lack of W/SV or even QS/SV+HD? But if he were to give you 125 IP/115K/2.50 ERA/.95 WHIP, would the ratio stats be enough to outperform the ADP? Does he get a boost in dynasty leagues due to the potential of transitioning to higher leverage situations/starting?
  5. Went through first 2 pages and last 4 and didn't see this question so, my apologies if it's been covered already. Why do people use CBS for money leagues if CBS takes like a $10 cut?
  6. JoFer part was tough, but kinda refreshing in a way. Someone who won't be forgotten and for legitimate reasons. All around a fun video to watch though. I liked the defensive plays being sprinkled in there. Nice work man.
  7. Heyward now 2-21. Does his defense continue to buy him PT or could we see Jay and Almora more this season?
  8. Dang, he tagged that one. Went 1-1 today with RBI double and a walk. Keep it rollin LG!
  9. I appreciate it Rag. The bit about the NYPL I did not know, so I'll be interested in watching how Dalbec develops this season.
  10. Any thoughts on: Kevin Maitan, Atl SS/3B Thomas Szapucki, NYM P Lucas Erceg, Mil 3B Bobby Dalbec, BOS 3B Hoping to see some more 3B in these lists
  11. He's quickly becoming a favorite of mine as well. From what I've gathered, the Cal ordeal seems to have been a humbling experience. I hope this drives him to have an incredible work ethic a become a long-term option at the hot corner given the current 3B landscape. I'm not expecting a stud but something in the mold of Matt Carpenter sure would be nice. Also, the slick transfer at 00:25 of this Prospect Pipeline video is pretty cool if you ask me.