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  1. That’s not true. Eric Weddle was a pro bowler last year. I don’t think Thomas is as good as he used to be. Definitely wouldn’t call their secondary a lot better.
  2. This. And the Ravens defense isn’t as good as last year imo. Can’t sit Mahomes except during his bye.
  3. I dropped in my 10 man. I doubt he’ll be back in two weeks and likely has a high risk for reinjury. I also have Alshon who is hurt too.
  4. Texans sent a 4th round pick for Duke Johnson. Drake is a comparable player.
  5. I’m holding for at least another few weeks. I thought he did okay early. He had runs of 9 & 6 I believe. Then they ran two awful run plays where he didn’t even have a chance and lost 5/6 yards each. The rest of the game he didn’t do too much but the pass he caught and turned up field was nice. He also worked as a wr one play and caught a nice slant. I would like to see him more involved in the passing game. I didn’t like the usage though. He was randomly taken out from time to time and he had a good gain in the red zone and Ito came in for the goal line carry. That was the biggest red flag I saw. Ito isn’t super impressive to me. He had a few nice runs but at least one of them the lanes opened up like the Red Sea. Freeman never saw anything close to that space.
  6. I thought going for it was the wrong decision there despite what the announcers said. It worked out though!
  7. Looks like Freeman isn’t the goal line back. His usage is baffling to me.
  8. The way they’re using Freeman is maddening. Ito is being used in the better situations every time.
  9. Needed Breida to get a score. He’s running well though so shouldn’t complain
  10. Who ever said Singletary isn’t quick enough is wrong. He has solid speed. Forget the 40 time.