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  1. Who wants to guess when we'll know if he's making the rotation out of camp?
  2. Given his inevitable innings limit I'd be wary in a re-draft, unless you have an extra roster spot. IMO.
  3. True. But we know how these things usually go.
  4. Dude obviously lost control of the pitch. As a life long Phillies fan I am excited to see what damage he can do in CBP with a revamped lineup.
  5. Heavy favorite to be stashed.
  6. So who wants to guess when he'll be added to the player pools in the major platforms?
  7. That was my point more than anything statistically based. All three are beasts.
  8. All three are fairly even IMO, and all great. Just not surprising for ESPN to pick the "name brand".
  9. He's ready. The Sox aren't though. LOL
  10. I have him in a keeper with no minor spots but 3 bench spots. My hope is for him to be up at the start of next season to free up bench spot..