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  1. def. I got him in a draft where I had to Autodraft. He is my #4 SP, not comfortable.
  2. i'd def have him is that league. I owned him for most of the last season and a half. Been a little frustrating
  3. I could get him off WW in a 12 teamer, but just 23 roster spots. On my watch list. Not worth it yet He is in that list of about 15-20 SP that are borderline rosterable in a 12 teamer. Not saying I don't like him, just saying he is iffy. I don't think his ceiling is all that high
  4. He still has a lot to prove. His ST stats mean something, not much, but something. Same with all Philly SP, except Hellickson (not that he matters)
  5. Jordan Montgomery. Has a good chance to, break spring, in the yankee rotation. Impressive MILB numbers last season, and been very good in spring
  6. I'm sure that is the initial plan. If it works it will stay that way. If it blows up and Barnes is showing more plate control, he can become the top setup guy mid season. He throws 98-99 with a nasty curve. The non-master of a third pitch has kept him out of a rotation spot
  7. Pretty sure he will, unless team's offense struggles and they need a shake up.
  8. I don't understand the relevance.
  9. It will be Thornborg, when healthy. I think they want Barnes in that role, eventually. His stuff might be better than Kelly's. They throw as hard and Barnes has a nasty curve, he just needs to control the zone better. Might say same about Kelly. Matt was 8th inning guy for a little bit last year. I like Barnes over Kelly
  10. Matt Barnes, the eventual, darkhorse
  11. I think Wade is going to play SS
  12. Ray Flowers, Sirius Fantasy radio, thinks Hudson will open season as closer
  13. I believed they already named Weaver opening day starter
  14. Out of Bryant, Arenado, Machado, Donaldson, Seager, Beltre, Villar, Frazier, Carpenter, Longoria, Rendon, Turner, Franco, Sano, and Lamb. Who would you rate below him? That's 15 3B and I didn't include Baez, Bregman, Jose Ramirez (I'd take him), Nunez, Castellanos, Gurriel, or Saurez. I certainly wouldn't take him as my starting 3B. He is going in the 14th round, unless your league uses CI's. I'm not taking a backup 3B in round 14 or sooner