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  1. Scooter Gennett 2018 Outlook

    why draft him? pick him up as an FA, like I did in two leagues
  2. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    the big question is will he go bowling tonight?
  3. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    yankee fan and a non owner this year. rooting for him to be healthy. One of my favorite players
  4. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    when? Yanks are off both the 7th and the 11th. The yankees don't play 20 straight days the rest of the season
  5. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    But why? His exit velo, BABIP, and ISO haven't changed
  6. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    I almost made play sitting in section 90 row 4
  7. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    looks like i mixed u up with someone else. Sorry bro. Looks like we agree on most parts. but his D is not adequate. Me at 55 could have made that play. He is an awful 3b had to be you. No one defends his defense. A misplay every game
  8. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    did you expect a 14 for 40 streak with 10 xbh? if so congrats. point is his leash is short. cold streak and he is odd man out. "because of his fielding" you said his fielding is adequate. and I said said it wasn't. you are all over the place wrong. "spot on" continue hitting sub .250, as he was at article. he would be odd man out, because he sux at 3b. all "spot on" bro. he started hitting .400 big change, fielding not "ok" as u think. you are hilariously ignorant. Please stop replying on topic. He is relevant as he hits
  9. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    hold if you have the space. low confidence for this year
  10. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    need to compare vs Solarte, Nunez, Gennett, etc
  11. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    sample not so small.
  12. Scott Kingery 2018 Outlook

    it's tough. Dropped in one, bench in another. let's not get into bench coach, but he is tough to hold exept in deep league
  13. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    bro, i also dropped Judge last year, ugggg
  14. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    Problem is , no one ever keeps hitting like that
  15. Miguel Andujar 2018 Outlook

    You do know another misplay helped Gray to an early exit? Don't just look at box score. The article was spot on. His leash is short. He NEEDS to keep raking