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  1. much much worse. Don't minimize it. Bush almost killed someone. He also has several other bad, drunken, incidents. Bush was, still might be, a really bad guy
  2. no. That closer situation thing is several days old and Giles started bad. He was speculating. I think Giles is solidified. I'm not an owner It's just his, partially, educated opinion it came out today, but written earlier
  3. Make it Kelley. He has shown he can pitch in the 9th. If, a third day in a row is needed, use who is doing the best at the time. How many times will that be? And, when it arises, it means you have probably won the previous 2 games
  4. I still can get the picture out of my mind of him giving the game ball, back to Russ Ortiz, when he took him out vs. the Angels. In 2002
  5. I did, I did, I did.
  6. Who is that?
  7. I mentioned him as a sleeper SP, earlier. I can see double digit wins and a sub 3,8 ERA. 160 IP 145 K that type of guy for this year. How about 11-7 1.23 WHIP 3.75 ERA. something like that
  8. if he was a closer
  9. more like a moped
  10. And no other runs.
  11. Indians, Astros, Yankees, Orioles, there is no 5th. Jeez. I think those are the 4 best
  12. I, literally, just traded for Familia.
  13. just in time. lol.
  14. not, exactly costing millions, in this case
  15. He is 40 and has 51 career saves, over like 16 years. He's had a few decent months in 2 years. He is, at best, a place holder. No reason to not go with Neris