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  1. You You left out Betts 24 2B's, 26 K's, Domingo 12 2B's 74 K's almost triple the amounts of K's in 40 less AB's
  2. No, you're in a normal points league. Mookie is 8th top hitter, in mine also. My league is about 18 years old and we use almost every category that you see in box score. 14 offensive, in total. It shows who the best overall baseball players are. Mookie has been the 8th best offesive player, in baseball, this year Rankings Fantasy
  3. If anyone gets traded, it would be Bruce. No one is trading for Granderson, not even a, for, low level prospect.
  4. Anyone watching the game, knew
  5. Yes, he was warming up before they scored anything in top 9, but it doesn't mean much. Bush threw 31 pitches last night. I guess it means he is preferred over LeClerc
  6. He had help from Clippard
  7. How can you sell someone that is only 40% owned? Maybe if you're in a 15 team league or an AL only league, but he would be useful to your own team, in leagues like that
  8. Simple, Ellsbury back soon, Hicks has also tempered off a bit. It also says that Conforto has turned from a sure thing to just a boarderline OF 3/4. Not too long ago, (10 - 14 days) he was being compared, favorably, to Judge. Now he is being compared, unfavorably, to Hicks. He is on the wrong side of the Yank Aarons
  9. He is just doing his "fast start, fade away thing"
  10. He is just 32. He has been bad since they traded for him, in 209 games and 787 AB's. 94 runs, 31 HR, 111 RBI, slashing .248/.308/.410. .718 OPS. He was 30 when they traded for him. ages 30 - 32 are still considered prime. Career .780 OPS at Rogers Center, .794 on Road, and .949 at Coors
  11. It's still not Coors.
  12. no, it's not safe to say that
  13. Probably Blackmon or Goldschmidt if season ended now. Also Harper, Zimmerman, Arenado, Ozuna and possibly Jake Lamb are ahead of him. Scherzer and Kershaw would also get more votes.
  14. Hell yeah. Tulo is crap