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  1. Kershaw is close to coming back. Could be early next week
  2. Hard to be "complete trash" with 9 K's in less than 5 ip
  3. Madden should just keep Baez batting 8th. It was working
  4. I noticed after I posted. I made the mistake of posting before reading the full thread
  5. Why not? He walks a lot and doesn't K that much for a power hitter. He sustained .280 ish BA throughout the minors. Why can't he hit .270 - .275 in the majors?
  6. He had pitched 3 of 4 days, maybe they wanted to give him 2 days off?
  7. What's tonight's excuse? Run support? Wind? Tough line UP? Bad fielding? I got it, it was Posey, great hitter, future HOF. Pffft
  8. That's 12.7 K/9
  9. Sale? If Kluber didn't miss a month, he would be right there, with Sale, for CY. Their Stats are eerily similar. Both around 1.7 K/9. Both have WHIPS around 0.92. Both ERA's around 2.6. Both have winning % around 77%
  10. Not yet
  11. He was moved back a day. From Thursday to Friday
  12. Dumb me. Tyler Wade goes down when Castro returns. Like I thought. Castro has no affect on Frazier
  13. How? Castro may not be back before Sept 1. Even if he comes back late August, someone else will be optioned. Like Mitchell, who was just called up. Castro hasn't started running the bases yet. He is also going to need a rehab stint. He is still a ways away. I guess if Frazier continues to hit (or not) like he is now, it won't matter. Then he would be sent down. If Frazier is hitting he won't go anywhere
  14. Could he have taken the Rays to a WS also? Madden is one of the best managers in baseball, if not the best
  15. He may not even win CY Young. Kluber hot on his tail. Sale has the edge, because Kluber missed a full month. Other than that, their stats are almost identical