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  1. supposed to be cold at Lambeau, 8 degrees, but not windy. my choices are Rivers, Goff, or Keenum
  2. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    Maybe a year with an option? I know he loved it. He is 31 and might be his last chance to make really big money. He did have a off year, so maybe he will take "a prove I'm better deal"?
  3. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    I think 9th is very reasonable
  4. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    For a points league it is. 101 runs 102 RBI 24/26 46 doubles 26 steals As many walks as K's I will take it. I would like a higher BA. .285 ish. I will sign up for the rest
  5. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    I'm sure Frazier will hold out for a multi-year deal
  6. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    But Fulmer or Cole for Frazier does? Which has been mentioned There is slight difference between Stroman, Fulmer, and Cole
  7. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    Mookie's "bad year" got him 6th in AL MVP. 8th most points for an offensive player, in most yahoo points leagues I hope he has an equally "bad year" next year.
  8. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    why am I getting the heat? I agreed with someone else's post lol. I was away, I just came back. You will have to do something to catch back up with yanks and sox
  9. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    someone else did. I agreed. just to be clear "Now that we still have our top prospects maybe we can use Clint Frazier as a trade piece to acquire a good arm. Marcus Stroman would look good" I commented on that
  10. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    he is a top level prospect. Hard to reply to your scenerio. Frazier plus a mid prospect is worth Stroman. Especially when you have a RF need. what if it's Frazier and Sheffield? (probably too much). More like Tate or Acevedo. German? It's very doable
  11. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    right. trade makes complete sense. Jays need a RF. Frazier plus a middling prospect for Stroman, makes sense
  12. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    to improve their team. why would any team entertain an offer? improve team or lose salary. In this case they would try to improve team. Jays don't have a RF.
  13. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    I don't think so. obviously it's Frazier plus another part (small part) and don't be surprised if the Jays are making the call
  14. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    Frazier for Stroman? love it
  15. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    Gardner LF Hicks CF Judge and Stanton share DH and RF Frazier waits, and he and Ellsbury are injury insurance. That will be the main line up. easy. Maybe Frazier in a deal for a stud SP?