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  1. Everyone in my league seems to be on Baltimore. Don't ask me why my commissioner posts the picks to the spreadsheet as they come in. I love Houston this week. Looks like it may be their most winnable game of the year. Home opener, coming off a BRUTAL loss, and against a back up QB in his first NFL start (I love the 'shew, but come on..)
  2. Given the amount of skilled playmakers he has around him, I think he actually has a pretty high floor. Dumping the ball off to White, Burkhead, Edelman and AB... Doesn't take much for those guys to make your stat line look good. Also, their time of possession is going to be up over years past because this defense is stacked, and the division might be worse than ever. Brady could not be in a better situation to succeed.
  3. I don't think you can bench Lockett this week. Great bounce back spot for a lot of peoples low end WR1/high end WR2.
  4. Is he a sneaky start in a deeper league this week? The Colts are the worst team in the NFL against pass-catching backs. I have Dion on my bench and I think if there's ever a game to start him, it's this week.
  5. I did the same, same format. Now I just have to decide whether I start him @ HOU, or Darnold vs. CLE. Leaning Minshew.
  6. Up 8 with my Latavious and his Jacobs still to go. There's a good chance this ends very close.
  7. Oh it is going to be sick when Gronk comes back. AB and Gordon out wide, Edelman in the slot. Michel and White in the back field!!!!!!! Tom Brady catapults to top 5 QB ROS.
  8. 11 HR his last 42 games. That is a 39 HR pace over 162 games. Last nights homer went into the drink in Pittsburgh, todays was 412 feet. He's batting .336.
  9. Update: Traded JDM and Ryu for Javy Báez. I tried for Acuna, Bellinger, Yelich etc for different combinations of JDM + Sale/Ryu. Finally landed on Báez and I’m pretty happy about it. I’ll add that I’ve essentially won the league at this point. Up by 30 points in 6x6 Roto, would be hard to lose at this point. The only decisions now will be between Gallo/Sale for the last keeper slot, with Bregman, Bogaerts, Báez, Buehler and Clevinger confirmed. Thanks for all the help guys.