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  1. 2 people in! who's got half a league full now??
  2. Something under $50 that isn't too complex.
  3. looks like we got 4, anybody else wanna join?
  4. I am on the west coast. I would be looking at around 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern time
  5. If we get at least 5 here, I will set it up on my lunch break. Anyone else?
  6. Anybody be interested in a $25 roto league tomorrow night? Be willing to start one if we get at least 10. Just standard 5x5 cats, snake draft. Keep it simple.
  7. I might be interested. Can I get a link to the league to take a look?
  8. Hey people, I am a very experienced owner and am looking to find a roto league this year. Message me if you have something. Will play on any site. Under $100 please. Thanks!
  9. Interested in joining 1 more league tomorrow. Message me with info.
  10. Yes sir! I'll send you an invite and to leaguesafe. Btw, I saw you had a league too for Sunday? That still open?