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  1. Has everyone paid? There are two of us and you guys have 11 in he league. I’ll stand by and we are both ready to pay
  2. I see you have it capped at 10. Can you change it to 12 if you’re wanting a 12 team league?
  3. hey, my brother and I are looking and would join. Will that make 11?
  4. Posting for a friend here for a league that I’m in. We had a person drop out last minute. This is mostly a group of friends that have played together for years and the keeper rules are still in the making a bit. This will be a fun league this year and will be competitive with lots of trash talk. $75 entry, due in a couple weeks on leaguesafe. One spot remaining. Here is the link for first to enter: https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/31372/invitation?key=4a3f1fb479a70702&ikey=158d0cf64991eab2 Questions email Kellen, he is the commissioner: Dotsonk@cooley.edu