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  1. thanks. Stats are inconclusive. Slightly better K rate in 30 less plate appearances this year vs last. More power. He needs another 30 or so ABs to make it a slightly more worthwhile exercise but the trends are generally more positive this year so far.
  2. Anybody know what he did in spring training last year? Might be the only comparison that yields some sort of adequate evidence that maybe he has improved? Or not.
  3. seriously. That was a pretty harsh blurb attacking a guy in his second career game. Did he kick Silva's dog or something?
  4. pretty frustrating to watch him....his fastball is actually touching 97-99 in his past few starts and he's throwing more strikes. The longball is killing him though. But the stuff is there. I watched today's start and it looked like he was falling in love with the change up a bit too much. His fastball command was spotty but he did not throw it nearly enough. They were sitting on his change after he made a couple of guys swing out of their shoes on it in the first two innings or so.
  5. I watched the start....his fastball was pretty consistently in the 96-97 range, which is a tick higher than where its been most of the year and his control was better. Stayed down in the zone with the fastball and was hitting corners well. His change was good, as per usual. Overall an encouraging outing against a team that had seen him a few weeks ago and got to him a bit then.
  6. If he had 10 SB's, half the griping in this thread would go away....but for some reason he is not running and it's aggravating us!
  7. He had 11 Ks in 22 Triple-A AB's before yesterday, so my guess is you'll have to keep enjoying your box score reading for a bit longer.....
  8. anybody leery about starting him against the Cubs, who saw him five days ago?
  9. hopefully batting him after Freeman will free him up to run more....his RBI chances should increase as well, and if he runs, hopefully that offsets some of the runs he would lose by not hitting in front of Freeman. Net-net, I believe it's better for his value to drop to 4th-5th if it means he will get more green lights. Enciarte hasn't run at all since moving up to the top of the order.
  10. Maybe the defensive stats bear that out, I don't know, but I've watched quite a bit of Correa this year and at least by the eye test his defense looks unreal. Lotta good that does in fantasy I know but I had to stem the beating just a bit lol. No doubt Lindor has smoked him offensively thusfar.
  11. my bad. Terrible overreaction. No wonder I'm an A-ball poster.
  12. Hiding behind the "quit pouting and start producing" rhetoric when the guy produced for over a year is a weak cover for the fact that the Braves want to disguse thier true intentions as to why he was kept off the opening day roster in the first place. If you were passed up for a promotion at work that you deserved because of some technicality and then made a mistake a few weeks after and then your boss came over and gloated and said "See, this is why I didn't promote you" wouldn't you be upset? It's almost as if they're happy he is slumping because then they can cover their tracks as to the service time game they were playing to get the union off their back. I hope he requests a trade and sits out the year. The Braves are treating him like garbage.
  13. I get it, but my point is Anthro-whatever is saying they're waiting for him to get hot before calling him up, but he's only saying that to cover his tracks to avoid a potential situation over a union complaint over service time issues. If you were Acuna and you heard that, after being hot for the entirety of 2017 and fall ball, as well as 2018 spring training, wouldn't it tick you off?
  14. Uhh, he was hot at the end of spring training, sir. So to cover their tracks about an extra year of control, they've effectively messed with the psyche of their best hitter. If I was Acuna's agent, I would be going ballistic right now.