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  1. "Riggs, I'm gettin' too old for this sh*t" - (Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon talking to Mel Gibson's Martin Riggs, the detective character for whom the poster to which I am replying is named after) I did make two points, but this is a fantasy site, so yeah, I guess you're right.
  2. You're right, but my real point-well, two-are these: 1) Couldn't this have waited until after my fantasy season was over and 2) Yes, but to me, pulling a guy mid-game is the ultimate embarrassment. Bench him for the next game if that's the tack he wanted to take. Embarrassing him mid-game carries with it lingering psychological after effects, which are now manifesting themselves in his performance subsequently. Yes, we can all make the argument that if he can't handle that he shouldn't be a big leaguer etc. Fine. Maybe that's true. But he's also a 21-year-old kid who probably has never been disciplined in such a harsh manner and is it worth employing that form of discipline-so public and humiliating-on a kid who plays care free and loose- rather than a quieter behind the scenes sort that could have sent the same message in a less humiliating way.
  3. LOL hey right now my theory lines up....I would love to be proven wrong in the next four weeks. But when you are doing something with unadulterated joy, and then a buzzkill authority figure comes along and embrasses you for doing it, human nature exacts a toll for that. Especially in a sport like baseball that requires so much intangible factors like state to be successful.
  4. It won't. Snitker ruined his season by trying to alpha dog/show up his generational talent two weeks ago. It sucked the joy out of the kid. Was playing so loose and carefree and this clown Snitker comes along to "teach him a lesson" in the most egregious way possible by yanking him out of the middle of the game for making the mistake of watching one of his blasts. Well, he sure is playing the game the right way now. And OPSing .650. Much better than occassionally hot dogging it and OPSing .900, eh Snitzky?
  5. You guys are technically correct, but he is still only 21 years old. I was still pouting at work at 31 when I felt slighted. Could be a factor.
  6. #SnitkerEffect Embarrassing your best player for no reason by pulling him from the game instead of just chewing him out has derailed this kid's season.
  7. Hi, looking to join an IDP league...thanks
  8. same here man....are there any public league sites that do IDP?
  9. If anybody needs to fill a spot in IDP league...... thanks
  10. Snitker messing with the psyche of his best player seems like overkill.. Could have chewed him out, but pulling him? This kid plays full bore whenever I've seen him. An unnecessary show-up by the manager. Hope it doesn't affect him now.
  11. Chubb and KHunt go together perfectly
  12. Those are quite the "Revelations", colpenhagen. Taking a "Where Eagles Dare" approach might not give many a cure for their "Fear of the Dark when it comes to illuminating the future. But the 'Wicker Man" says many of those pitchers listed time's will come, so maybe that will preclude the need for fantasy owners to require a "Talisman" in the hopes they made the right choice. Book of Souls is awesome. [...]
  13. Concerned because the collision may have caused his shoulder to start barking again.