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  1. What do we think? He was breaking out last year until he slid on first base and busted his ACL (ow.) Top 100 player if healthy?
  2. All I'm saying is that when you're dealing with a 35 year old player (serious decline years), discussion about potential regression is normal. Especially coming off of a subpar second half from a fantasy perspective.
  3. I'm not bashing Votto, I'm creating a discussion and trying to get some opinions. Are you one of those people who think that Votto is going to be great until the end of time?
  4. Fantasy wise, I have faith in an average near .300. That's about it. I could see HR/RBI dropping to 20-25/80. Def not a first round guy imvho
  5. OBP ? SLG ? and ? OPS ? are ? not ? stats ? relevant ? to ? standard ? fantasy ? baseball.
  6. 10/32 just isn't enough from your 1B over a full half. Hoping for better!
  7. He will be 35 next year and had a bad second half fantasy wise. Just encouraging discussion.
  8. Which certainly is useful in real life (just ask the 98 loss reds) but has no effect whatsoever in standard leagues.
  9. Which is great if you play in an OPS league, unlike 99% of people. 10 HR/32 RBI from my 1B in the second half. Yikes. Walks do nothing in 5x5.
  10. Old and a bad second half last year. Many will be disappointing, I think.
  11. What do we think of Joey this year? Call it just a hunch, but I think he disappoints big league.