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  1. Yes, we should use more reliable metrics like Japanese league stats.
  2. at least Cashner has done it against big leaguers
  3. Keon Broxton just absolutely unloaded on a pitch from The Japanese Babe Ruth.
  4. Wow, super unimpressed with what I saw from Ohtani. All I could think was - "This is it? What we've been hearing about non-stop for the last 6 months?" I was already avoiding him where he was being drafted, but I'm not sure I wouldn't take a guy like Charlie Morton over him all things considered?
  5. 5x5 ROTO DYNASTY Michael Fulmer FOR Walker Buehler Adam Eaton
  6. What do we think? He was breaking out last year until he slid on first base and busted his ACL (ow.) Top 100 player if healthy?
  7. All I'm saying is that when you're dealing with a 35 year old player (serious decline years), discussion about potential regression is normal. Especially coming off of a subpar second half from a fantasy perspective.
  8. I got Cutch for almost nothing after his awful 2016 (think I gave up Barraclough or something lol) so it might be time to cash in.
  9. I'm not bashing Votto, I'm creating a discussion and trying to get some opinions. Are you one of those people who think that Votto is going to be great until the end of time?
  10. I'm pretty good on OFs (I have Yelich/Cespedes/K.Davis in the fold, plus some decent bench bats) and could use a SP. Cueto was a top 10 pitcher in the game from 2011-2016 before just a really weird 2017. More than likely just a blip on the radar. I don't think going to the Giants suits Cutch well. Should I pounce on the opportunity to get a potentially elite arm for Cutch while he still has some value?
  11. Fantasy wise, I have faith in an average near .300. That's about it. I could see HR/RBI dropping to 20-25/80. Def not a first round guy imvho
  12. OBP ? SLG ? and ? OPS ? are ? not ? stats ? relevant ? to ? standard ? fantasy ? baseball.
  13. 10/32 just isn't enough from your 1B over a full half. Hoping for better!