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  1. No thanks. Looking for 20-50$ and slow draft
  2. BASIC SETTINGS (Edit) League Name April-October Madddness Number of Teams 12 Scoring Type Total Season Points Format League Manager Make League Viewable to Public No ROSTER (Edit) Current Roster Size: 25 Total Starters: 19 Total On Bench: 6 (4 DL) POSITION STARTERS MAXIMUM Catcher (C) 1 No Limit First Base (1B) 1 No Limit Second Base (2B) 1 No Limit Third Base (3B) 1 No Limit Shortstop (SS) 1 No Limit Infielder (IF) 1 N/A Left Field (LF) 0 No Limit Center Field (CF) 0 No Limit Right Field (RF) 0 No Limit Outfield (OF) 3 N/A Designated Hitter (DH) 0 No Limit Utility (UTIL) 2 N/A Pitcher (P) 5 N/A Starting Pitcher (SP) 0 No Limit Relief Pitcher (RP) 3 No Limit Bench (BE) 6 N/A Disabled List (DL) 4 N/A GAMES PLAYED LIMITS (MAXIMUMS) (Edit) Batters No Limit Pitchers 200 Games Started SCORING (Edit) Batting Singles (1B) 1 Doubles (2B) 2 Triples (3B) 3 Home Runs (HR) 5 Walks (BB) 1 Runs Scored (R) 1 Runs Batted In (RBI) 1 Stolen Bases (SB) 3 Strikeouts (K) -1 Hits (H) 1 Intentional Walks (IBB) 1 Hit by Pitch (HBP) 1 Caught Stealing (CS) -1 Pitching Innings Pitched (IP) 3 Earned Runs (ER) -2 Wins (W) 10 Losses (L) -5 Saves (SV) 7 Blown Saves (BS) -3 Strikeouts (K) 1 Hits Allowed (H) -1 Walks Issued (BB) -1 TEAM SETTINGS (Edit) Teams A Roop Barkin at a Walker Brewers Farm System Team Carroll Joe Buck Yourself Smoak A Swisher Team Hendler Urban Renewal Team Anderson Droppin A Deuce Team Borden Crucial Velocity Team W PLAYER RULES (Edit) Observe ESPN's Undroppable Players List No Player Universe All MLB ACQUISITION AND WAIVER RULES (Edit) Lineup Changes Daily - Lock Individually at Scheduled Gametime Player Acquisition System No Waivers Season Acquisition Limit No Limit TRADE RULES (Edit) Trade Limit No Limit Trade Deadline Friday, August 11, 12PM ET Trade Review Period 1 Day Votes Required to Veto Trade 6 KEEPERS RULES (Edit) Use Keepers for 2017 Season No Use Keepers for 2018 Season No DRAFT SETTINGS (Edit) Draft Type Offline Draft Date Not Set Location Note