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  1. Hi Roto Worlders. Are there 19 of you out there looking for a great league as the season draws near? Ive been trying to find the right league with just the right settings for weeks. I didnt find it and now the season is about to begin! Originally, i wanted to join or form a 20 team dynasty league but at this point its too late to interact with 20 managers enough to vet them for such a long term commitment. Dynasty is not something to rush into. Instead, i'm forming a 20 team redraft league this year that will provide ample opportunity to get to know those managers who might want to re-up next year and be part of the dynasty league forming in 2020. This 20 team league will be be for those still looking for a fantasy home with the season beginning, and we will slow snake draft as soon as the league is full and into week 1, beginning actual play in week 2. More details: 20 team, H2H, standard 9 cat format 2 10-team divisions - regular season play will be within division only Daily roster changes - 4 adds per week $200 buy in 6 week playoff schedule: top 4 teams in each division make playoffs (8 total) $500 to each regular season division winner (x2) $500 to playoff runner up $2500 to the playoff Champ All dues through leaguesafe or yahoo cash leagues service (i might have to alter the payouts a tiny bit to account for fees) Rosters: PG SG G SF PF F C C UTIL UTIL BN BN BN This configuration will take 260 players off the board, meaning teams will be deep and managers will have to have a deep understanding of the NBA to draft well. That said, there should still be a decent amount of waiver wire churn as there is plenty of quality left after 260. Slow snake draft will be done through couch managers with 1 hour intervals for picks. Draft will be paused from 9pm PST to 9am PST so people can still sleep (Sorry eastcoasters, draft will be live til midnight your time, so set your queues if your not a night owl!). While 1 hour intervals 12 hours a day technically could take two weeks to finish, i have to think the majority of people wont use nearly their full hour and the draft will conclude within a week at most. If that doesnt seem true to others, we can make it 30 minute pick intervals. Or we could consider a slow auction instead though id prefer snake draft because ill be on a family vacation and wont need to be as glued to the screen as i will if its an auction). After the draft is finished i will upload rosters to Yahoo and scoring will begin at the beginning of the next scoring period (week 2, monday the 28th). Im leaning also in the direction of no IL slot simply to add a greater level of chaos and complexity to the league, but this can be debated. In fact, im open to discussion on a number of settings, though i reserve the right to make the final call. For now, lets see if we have 19 takers! Leave your email address below or send me a private message if your interested!
  2. @eddiesalem I dont think they sent anything out yet. I meant that i sent them an email as an interested owner. If that helps.
  3. Sounds fantastic. I have a few more questions I'll ask shortly but I'm almost certainly in. Definite preference for fantrax as I already have leagues there and not on CBS and I think it's a better platform. Mark shortly..
  4. Ive been wanting to do a slow auction too, but i dont think there is even enough time left to do one before season starts. The last one i did took a week.
  5. Hi there, Ive been searching for the right dynasty league to join. Yours sounds very intriguing. A few initial questions: What platform will it be hosted on? Trying to understand the format of keepers. You only get to keep 8 players at the end of each season, correct? Will the startup draft be a snake draft or auction? Thanks!
  6. I have been looking for a dynasty league to join and havent found anything that meets the specs im looking for. As such im considering forming a league myself and would like to gauge interest and see if i could fill it up. Please comment here if you would be into joining. If enough people are up for it we an get it going. Deep Dynasty League: Id like 20-30 people ideally. Hosted: Fantrax Draft time: Slow Auction (the very best and most fun draft type if you've never done one), probably done on Couch Managers then transferred to Fantraxx Security: Leaguesafe Buyin: $100 to $150 with 2 years due at signup (to discourage quitting) Social: Slack Format: H2H, 9 cat Details: Can trade draft picks and FAAB $. Depth of rosters will depend on how many people we can get, but deeper the better. Daily roster changes. Interested?
  7. Did the draft already start? Fantrax is telling me its currently live. I was still considering joining. Did i miss the boat?