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  1. 20 team league w minors on fantrax

    Got them. Thanks Commish.
  2. 20 team league w minors on fantrax

    I’ll take the LA DODGERS Armin
  3. Bump...were in the 3rd round with a 12 hour timer......40$ entry fee..... the team you would be taking over has Nola at 500K and Arenado at about 17M. Mr Met (above) is the Commish. I am one of League members but am bumping thread to help him out. Please leave your email in thread below if interested so he can forward League link. We use Fantrax Treasurer. Thanks.
  4. Needle in a haystack here but I thought I'd try. I'm interested in running my favorite teams in a dynasty fantasy startup (preferably with fees and prizes).....I play in all platforms---> ESPN/FANTRAX/MFL/CBS/PROBOARDS If anyone has a startup opening (or orphan which hasn't moved far from the original) for any of the following teams in their league, please give me a chance. Thanks. Dallas Cowboys (NFL) AND/or Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB) and/or Boston Bruins (NHL) and/or Boston Celtics (NBA) and/or Florida State Seminoles (College football/baseball/basketball) Ideally, the fantasy team would get at least 5 players from the real team (plus prospects) Im willing to pay a 25% premium on top of the ordinary entry fee just to get my team. So there went my shot in the dark. Thanks for reading.
  5. Two Openings in 30 Team Dynasty

    Friend is interested in Angels but would settle for 1 of the other 2: Let her know fees and prize info. Thanks.
  6. Ok. Thanks Commish. I'm keen to see what happens.
  7. No, that was the only one. but thanks and good luck in your endeavor.
  8. Trea Turner 2017 Outlook

    This injury is usually 2 months at least so he return in time for playoffs. im wondering if Stop hit him in purpose the way he was running all over them and with the whole Arrieta Montero thing?
  9. BUMP; need 1 more to draft Sunday afternoon at 5EST.
  10. Great Commish and CoCommish. Funds will be held by Post your email here for Leaguelink
  11. UPDATE--We have decided to reduce entry fee, perhaps to 50$ or 100$. ---we may use PayPal or some other mechanism ( as the Leaguesafe deadline is about to pass. ---we will probably go with weekly lineups. ---we will probably increase teams to 12 from 10. ---leave email here to get the League link. Thanks for your time.