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  1. BUMP; need 1 more to draft Sunday afternoon at 5EST.
  2. Great Commish and CoCommish. Funds will be held by Post your email here for Leaguelink
  3. UPDATE--We have decided to reduce entry fee, perhaps to 50$ or 100$. ---we may use PayPal or some other mechanism ( as the Leaguesafe deadline is about to pass. ---we will probably go with weekly lineups. ---we will probably increase teams to 12 from 10. ---leave email here to get the League link. Thanks for your time.
  4. Redraft means there are no keepers. This is just a 1 year league. thats the way I set it up.
  5. Well the draft is about 9 days off. I set it up this way a week ago because I wasn't expecting the League to fill quickly since it's a midseason league. I wanted to give time to recruit. we already have 6 people so I think it's unlikely we would change to weekly lineups . but if you become interested, leave your email here and I'll mail you the League link. thanks for your consideration.
  6. It's a brand new league. And it's not a keeper. It's a redraft.
  7. Great League here. Awesome Commish. And even more awesome Co Commish. make sure to leave your email for a League Link hurry up and join. Just a few spots left!
  8. Email me a League link or more info. as long as it's not on Yahoo, I would be interested in joining, depending on the financials.
  9. --We will use Leaguesafe. --Standard categories; brand new 5X5 redraft --I created the League on Yahoo but will serve as Co Commish. --10 team league; 1 minute per pick --Draft on Sunday April 23 at 7 PM EST. If interested, leave your email here or email my Commish George at Thanks.
  10. I'm interested. Please email me link:
  11. Bump. Great Commish and League forming here. Get in on the ground floor. Only 2 spots left.
  12. Great fun Commish. Make sure you check this league out.