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  1. Thinks it's 0 as well. Above poster hit the nail on the head.
  2. In my opinion, if you own a starting pitcher that has a two start week and you choose to bench him, what's the point in owning him? Granted I play in a 16 team league that starting lineups lock weekly, but it's just my take. I've watched him pitch 3 time now and I think the true Amir is a little worse than what we saw his first 3 outings, but not near as bad as what we saw in his last outing. He's still a no doubt lock in my rotation and I feel like he's a sub 3.7 ERA guy with an ok WHIP around 1.21-1.22 with ok K totals. I think he is efficient with his pitches which gives him great chances at wins assuming he gets run support and a good bet for a QS most times out. Disclaimer: this is 100% my own opinion and he could possibly be blasted both starts this week, but if I had to bet, I wouldn't bet that happens.
  3. Really hope this is the start of just anything honestly. Need him to produce at just an average level terribly
  4. Agreed. He seems to have changed his approach to hitting. Been an asset to my points league team, which is needed since Bautista is the worst player on the planet right now.
  5. Watched about half the game today and I'd hardly say He labored. Was robbed on 2 strike 3's looking that I saw alone that would've ended innings and eventually led to walks. Umpire behind the plate was directly over inside corner and was TIGHT with everything he threw there. He was far from wild. If anything I took the opposite way, no way I'm selling at the moment. I mean it wasn't the white sox or royals this time right? That's what everyone wanted...check.
  6. No offense, but there is no bright side my man. He's had that same line or close to it NO MATTER THE PITCHER. I've watched him hit live probably 6-7 times this season and I'm fairly certain all were with RISP, and for a fact 4 of these were with a runner on 3rd with 0 outs (TWICE IN ONE GAME!), and I'm not over exaggerating when I say he looked helpless. Can't even put it in play. Got this guy in the 7th round of a 16 teamer and was laughing about the value. Joke's on me, I'll be the first to admit. SOLID bench for me until he gets glowing hot. Or at least has several quality at bats...straight trash at the moment. Can he come out of it and be decent? Sure, I feel like I could say that about anyone with a track record like his that is a professional athlete. Do I think he will? Sadly, no. His physique may be fine because of his diet. What I see diminished is his hand eye coordination and pitch recognition. Hoping for the best more than anyone, but I think this guy needs some minor league games after an "injury" to see something positive to get some mojo back. Sorry for the rant, but just my 2 cents.
  7. No worries, I read an update Tuesday saying he was taking a one game rehab stint (last night, Wednesday). Barring a set back in that game (I haven't heard of anything and I live in Atlanta and am a Braves fan), I fully expect to see him in the lineup today.
  8. No thread for this guy. Just called up for a struggling Royals offense and reached base 3 times from the 8 hole in his first game. We all know Gordon is the worst leadoff man in baseball possibly and Mondesi is hitting below the mendoza. I had this guy for a stint last year where he raked for about a month in terms of points league scoring. I added with what I saw last year in mind. 2B and OF eligibility with the potential to at the top of the lineup soon. Anything to see here? Anyone else monitoring or taking a stab?
  9. I will agree on that. Actually just checked the draft recap, took him at my SP7. 16th round, pick 250 overall.
  10. Didn't say it would work, but obviously would be a good bat. And maybe a blow up does happen, then again maybe he stays around his norms of 3.5ish ERA. SP6 in 16 teamer, yes please
  11. Hot bat. Swing is the same. Haven't seen the homer from today but at least two of the others were off hangers, he just made them pay. Definitely not a change that should cost him contact.
  12. Does it count? Yea definitely. Why you may ask? Confidence is the number one lure in your tackle box....just like getting to the free throw line and layups in basketball. Kid needed something good to happen. Homer and a double....I could be COMPLETELY wrong, but I'm plugging him into my weekly lineup next week after seeing schmotato alert.
  13. I disagree. I don't think SP 1 means top 12 pitcher. I understand the reasoning behind saying that aka most leagues are 12 teamers which means one pitcher per team etc. With that logic any league over 12 teams means even if every team took a pitcher with their first pick not every team would not have a SP1, and I just don't agree with not. Not saying you are wrong, just saying I disagree. As for your last question, his change up is plus based on what I saw watching the game. Have no clue what it rates as pitch officially, but watching it live it looks above average. Another aspect I hinted at but didn't highlight, his ability to effectively pitch on the inner half at 95 mph imo is almost like another pitch itself. I define SP1 as a pitcher I'm happy anchoring my staff at the top and feel as comfortable with him as any pitcher my oppnent has. Is he kershaw? No. But I don't feel like I'm that far behind if he's my one and my opponents one is sale. And I honestly mean that. This kid is gritty and works hard and pitches better with people on base than almost anyone I've seen this year. Again, my opinion entirely, I bet you he's top 10 SP by next year barring injury.
  14. Anyone who thinks this kid isnt a SP1 isn't watching him pitch. Kid just overcame a lead off single, next batter should've been a DP that was booted by mercer. Next hitter "doubled" to left off fraziers glove. 2nd and 3rd no outs with 1 run in. Makes schwarber ground out, Bryant grounds into FC, and gets Rizzo to fly out to short. Kid has legit elite stuff. Very early but I'll be the guy that says he's a top 10 SP next year. Throwing 96 on the inside black, 105 pitches in, against those hitters on the road at wrigley. Glad I watched it
  15. Definitely seems to be seeing it well. As a braves fan it's Great to see. If we had this guy several years ago in the leadoff spot when we were making the playoffs with BJ upton leading off, probably could have made a bit more noise. Love seeing an actual leadoff hitter.