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  1. He did call this. I asked about it and he posted his thoughts and source. I mean yea it's his word, but Jesus look back through this thread from the date he said he changed bats through when he strained the hammy. Numbers are ABSURD. I'm a supporter. And the way he's used that bad (flipped outside pitches oppo homers) supports it as well.
  2. 100% sit for me with it being his first start. In all honesty I mean probably the only team I'd MAYBE start him against would be the padres. You know he will be babied pitch count wise. Just no where near enough upside chance to think about starting him. Best case scenario is 5 ip in my opinion. Probably like a 70 pitch count. Which I agree with. Bench and watch. I also caution anyone to judge the start, I'm not. If he gets blasted I'm not going to read a ton into it. Like a poster above said, I drafted him for a reason. I want him to contribute down the stretch, and I think he will contribute a lot
  3. Exactly what I was about to post. Again, starting pitching is a wasteland and crapshoot outside the top 3 so why not take a chance?
  4. Jesus. Fantastic. Any word on severity? Precautionary removal or noticeable limp if anyone was watching?
  5. removed from game? what happened?
  6. I don't like how this is being presented. Makes me feel like something bad is afoot. Definitely giving me an uneasy feeling about him.
  7. Out again today also....anyone heard even a peep?
  8. Giants have lost 21 of last 28. Maybe he's ahead of schedule, I just feel like there's no reason to push him. I'm still interested to see how many rehab starts he gets, followed by how long his first few outings are. Looks as if he's definitely gonna be back sooner than I thought for sure. I just honestly dont understand when you're borderline out of it by the all star break what the incentive is bringing him back anything short of 100% when he's the heart and soul of your team. Guess time will tell. A helluva competitor no doubt
  9. Any nationals fans have insight on this undisclosed injury? Has been a solid contributor for me in my 16 team league. Thanks to anyone that can give any info.
  10. Honestly this is the first start I missed. Is there any way you could elaborate? Was he getting ahead consistently? I watched one inning from my phone where he gave up a leadoff infield single then k'd 3 in a row.
  11. Ah I see your post above now, sorry about that. I scanned through before posting and didn't see it for some reason. Thanks for the insight. His 2nd and 3rd homers actually support your claim, great bat control on both. Thanks again for the info
  12. Still waiting to've been right so far...let us in on the secret Nostradamus
  13. Yes heard that also. Having Holliday makes it tough for sure. I also watched a ball go through carter's legs to lead off the 2nd inning which led to 2 unearned runs later in that inning. Aka out Holliday at first, Sanchez at DH, and let romine catch. Carter is putrid.
  14. Yeaaaaaa. Lovin it.
  15. If you didn't watch the start, sure the line looks fine. I'm telling you, Sanchez is awful at calling a game. 3rd inning he started getting signs from the dugout, and go figure he pitches well from then on. If he hadn't thrown 50+ pitches in the first two innings he would've been fine. But pitch selection was comical. Even the announcers commented on it. Sanchez had to go the mound TWICE in the first inning because Pineda shook him off 3 times in a row two separate times. I know the kid can hit, but sheesh.