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  1. Nothing is going to offset Bridgewater! A top 3 pick just turned into a mid second rounder in one fell swoop
  2. High expectations, so this week I bench and he will go off for 7/100, that'll be my luck...........
  3. Leagues that do not count PA or YA unless under 3 PA allowed, who would you favor this week as a sleeper (other than one of the top 8 DST that are owned)?
  4. Returns next week but the do not know in what capacity yet. So best hope is a 3-4 IP next week in relief with 2 full starts after I guess
  5. Owning Cook, he looks awesome but yet so fragile for some reason. What should my urgency be to acquire Mattison?
  6. Lost Hunter Better PPR play this week Vernon Davis vs Dallas Tyler Eifert vs SF Ian Thomas vs TB Witten vs Skins Leave a link
  7. Might be a nice PPR floor each week until he gets hurt